Classroom Updates


Here is a message from our Fabulous Read-A-Thon Committee:

Please initial your students' daily minutes, achievements, and challenges; and remind them to bring their logs tomorrow (Wednesday morning)

Also, Thursday, March 16, is Dress-Up DAY, and students may come to school as their favorite character!

Tomorrow is the LAST CHANCE to turn in Reading Logs to maximize out Twisted Tales Surprise Unlocks. So far they included Islands free meal, a new school Bunny, new playground equipment and DVDs, random drawings for custom cards, and a PARTY which your child will only attend if they have participated in Readathon by turning in a signed log!
Every student counts, every minute counts. If your child has only a few minutes to report, please do send them in so they can build upon that in future years and they get credit for their hard work.

There are 2 new Surprise Twists for the final week of the Readathon:

1. Students who complete 4 or more Achievements by the end of Readathon (March 15) will receive a BONUS BASIC card!

2. Students who complete all 3 Special Challenges by the end of Readathon will receive a BONUS POWER card!

Please feel free to email Shana Aelony with any questions, concerns, suggestions or with photos of the reading log your child is unable to bring to school in the morning.

We hope your kids have been enjoying our Twisted Tales Readathon!

Shana Aelony 

(and on behalf of Readathon team: Maria Magallanes, Katie Turnbull, Chey Townsend, Pam Evans and Nadia Torkelson)


P.S. If you need a new Reading Log, print them from Reading Log
Reminder, all of this information is on the reading log, but summary:
Achievements include reading from a 398.2 section, reading to someone else, reading a Twisted tale, and of course reading 20+ minutes for 5 days each week 
Drawing an Illustration/Story map, Writes a 1 page+ story and Tells a 2 minute story with a start and finish, that you can initial. 


Author's Visit with Brandon Mull

We are very fortunate to be invited to attend the Author's visit on March 21st with Brandon Mull.  As a result, we sent home copies of an order form to have our students purchase books if they are interested in having a signed copy.  Today was the deadline, but we have been given the opportunity of an extended deadline of Tomorrow!  So if you are thinking about, please send it in tomorrow.  We hear his books are geared towards 3rd-6th grade, but some second graders might be interested in it as well. 

Expiration Date: 
Jun 30