Growing With Green - April 3, 2017

The trip to the Skirball Cultural Center was educational and fun for everyone! The children were divided into three groups. Each group was lead by a docent of the cultural center. They experienced the wonder of Noah’s Ark through exploration, climbing, listening, dancing, and playing various instruments. We had lunch at the Sculpture Garden at UCLA. The children had a chance to run in the grass and make “Fairy House” sculptures. Included in your child’s folder is a free family pass to the Skirball Cultural Center. Not only can your family go for free, they have generously offered a free $10 gas card!!

Last week we wrote our first entry into our Silkworm Science Journals.  We are waiting for the eggs to hatch.  We can’t wait to see what our little silkworms will look like!

Our Green Cluster poets are beginning to select one of the three objects to bring to life for their Beautiful Objects Poem. They are adding feelings, actions, and rhythm to their poetry and are having a lot of fun! Their poetry will be featured in the “Open Thoughts Anthology.”

It is now time to start preparing for our Spring Egg Hunt on Friday, April 21st. We will be needing LOTS of eggs AND stuffers AND parents to help stuff during the week of April 17th. Last year each student hunted 40 eggs each!! That means there were 1,920 eggs all over our Green Cluster yard. Please see attached sheet to see how you can help. 

Here are some activities you can do with your child to reinforce what we are learning in class:
- What is the sound of “q”?  “Q is for Queenie Quail.”
- Our newest sight word is “for”  Look around you and find 5 things that begin with “q”. 
- We have learned the letter sounds “a” through “p.”  Look at the page of letters.  Cut them out and try to make as many words as you can.  Write some of the words on the word list.  Have fun!
- We have been working on graphs in Green Cluster.  Look at the Sports Ball Graph.  Color in one square for each ball.  Remember to start at the bottom of the vertical graph.  Now look at the “Favorite Sport” graph.  Count how many people like each sport.

Have a wonderful week!  :)


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Aug 1