Word Study Updates

Hi Everyone,

    We just wanted to let you know that yesterday we sent home a ziplock bag filled with flashcards  of words that students have been practicing daily on their Word Rings.  These are the most highly used words in reading and writing.   Today, we sent home a list of the words(Fry's Second 100) that they were tested on.  If you see a check mark next to the word, it means that they haven't spelled the word correctly yet and they still need more practice.  They will have another test again after Spring Break so that will give them another opportunity to master the word.  The other side of the paper (Fry's Third 100 Words) has a few words they started practicing as well as the rest of the words they will need to master by the end of the year.  

We asked them to keep this paper inside of their Homework Folder so that they don't lose it and can easily get in extra practice.  


Thanks so much!

Expiration Date: 
Jun 30