Weekly News - April 21, 2017

April 21, 2017

Classroom News

We hope to see all of you at Open House on Tuesday.  From 5:30 to 6:00 there is a meet and greet in the library so you can meet and talk to the candidates for Governing Council.  Your ballot will be in your child’s mailbox and you can vote that night, or take it home and send it back in by Thursday.  Classrooms will be open from 6:00 - 7:00 and there will be an art display in the auditorium.  There are no official presentations, so you can walk through and see what everyone has been doing.

This week we started our Fraction-a-Thon, and we have some very excited students!  We’re journeying through the Land of Equal Pieces, with trips first through Numeratorville and then Denominatorville, learning about fractions as we go.  Each student has a map showing the path through the land and they each have a journey defined by what they showed us they know how to do on a pre-assessment.  As they move, they receive badges showing what achievements they have earned.  They’ve designed avatars for their game and are, for the most part, eagerly trying to learn as much as they can to get those stickers and badges!  You can see our display at Open House and be sure to ask your child to explain it to you and show you where he/she is on his/her journey.

Since we had the week off for Spring Break, many students forgot about the Scholastic Book Orders, so we’re extending the due date until Sunday.  If you can’t find your order form, there is a digital version on their website, Scholastic.com.  We appreciate your orders, as they earn us free books for the classroom.

We also are still taking orders for autographed books from our next author visit - James Burks.  Those orders are due by next Friday, April 27th.  

Our last class election is also going to be on Friday.  Students have signed up to run and must bring in their speech by Thursday.  Speeches can be written on the paper we gave them today, with the job described at the top, or written or typed on another paper.  If we don’t have a speech by Thursday, that student is not eligible to run for office.

We’re getting ready to start building our city and we need you to start saving small boxes and sending them in after Open House.  Nothing bigger than a cereal box, please, and nothing with food or anything like that in it.  They need to be made of cardboard so they can be cut and reconfigured.  Macaroni and cheese, granola bars, girl scout cookies, toothpaste, crackers - these are all wonderfully sized boxes.  

We will doing a practice test for the upcoming state testing next Friday and then the fourth graders will test the week of May 8th and the 3rd graders will test the week of May 15th.  Part of the test requires them to use headphones to listen to some audio information.  The school is given earbuds for each student, but if your child has their own headphones, we recommend sending those in for the testing week, especially if they aren’t earbuds.  The ones we’re given aren’t of the highest quality and some students find them uncomfortable, so using your own is a nicer choice.  

Also, for testing, we like to have testing treats to give the students as they are working.  They look forward to having the small pieces of candy and there is some research that has shown sucking on candy can reduce stress and increase focus and performance.  We have definitely seen it increase the positive attitude of our test takers!  So we’re asking people to send in bags of individually wrapped candy that can be sucked on - jolly ranchers, mints, werther’s, etc.  Whatever is sent, we need to have at least 48 of that kind of candy so there’s enough for everyone.  If you can let us know if you’ll be sending some, and what you’ll be sending, that will help us get organized and know if we need to go buy any.  You can send it in any time, but we need it all by Wednesday, May 3rd so we can count and sort it.  Thank you!


This will probably be our last week of the regular homework routine.  After this week, we will be using our homework time for city building activities.  This is partly due to not wanting to do homework during testing weeks and partly due to what is needed to be done to get the city built before the end of the year.

Super Science:  Since the students are really enjoying this magazine, we’re doing another one, with no map, again.  We are asking the students to be reading these with a city building eye and thinking about how the information in the articles could be used to help us plan and design our city of the future.  It will be due on Tuesday, 5/2. 

Problem of the Week:  Next week’s problem is about manipulating numbers to figure out how a mathematical trick works.  We expect that everyone will be able to follow the steps to see the trick in action and that everyone will do some effective thinking about why / how it works, but we’re not expecting that everyone will have a fully developed theory.  We’re interested in seeing how their thinking is developing. It will be due on Tuesday, 5/2.

Word Study:  Due to testing, we realized that we can’t fit in word study homework, since we won’t be able to do lessons or a spelling test during the testing weeks, so we’re doing our word study work in class.  Half of the class has been introduced to idioms and the other half will be next week, so that’s what we’re working on right now.


Expiration Date: 
Jun 30