Weekly News - April 28, 2017

April 28, 2017

Classroom News

Our two big topics are building our city and getting ready for the upcoming state testing.

We’ve started planning what we are going to build.  We begin with housing, to make sure no one is homeless.  Then each commission looked at the compiled information from the interviews they did as homework and talked about what they could plan and build in our city to address as many of the concerns as possible.  They thought about what else they would need to build in order to meet the needs of their commission and chose who would build what.  The commission buildings will be added to the planning maps on Monday.  Next up, we’ll look at the list of city problems compiled from the interviews and the list of all of the buildings the commissions have planned and decide what else we need to put in our city.  Those will be added to our maps and then the maps will be colored according to our community services legend.  

After the planning comes the building permits.  We’ll be teaching everyone how to do the permits on Monday and working on them a little on Tuesday.  Every building that is built has to have a completed and approved permit done before building can start.  The permits have multiple parts to them and they will be sent home on Tuesday as the week’s homework.  Our goal is to have a couple of permits completed by Thursday/Friday and the rest by Tuesday so that we can immerse ourselves in building.

We do need lots and lots and lots of boxes for building. They should be clean and not be flattened or cut and need to be made of materials that can be cut with regular scissors.  Nothing bigger than a cereal box, please, and nothing with food or anything like that in it.  Macaroni and cheese, granola bars, girl scout cookies, toothpaste, crackers - these are all wonderfully sized boxes.  

We did a practice test today to get the students comfortable with the environment and tools in the testing site.  The fourth graders will test the week of May 8th and the 3rd graders will test the week of May 15th, Monday through Thursday, with makeup testing on Friday.  Part of the test requires them to use headphones to listen to some audio information.  The school is given earbuds for each student, but if your child has their own headphones, we recommend sending those in for the testing week, especially if they aren’t earbuds.  The ones we’re given aren’t of the highest quality and some students find them uncomfortable, so using your own is a nicer choice.  

Also, for testing, we like to have testing treats to give the students as they are working.  The students look forward to having the small pieces of candy and there is some research that has shown sucking on candy can reduce stress and increase focus and performance.  We have definitely seen it increase the positive attitude of our test takers (they are already talking about it!  So we’re asking people to send in bags of individually wrapped candy that can be sucked on - jolly ranchers, mints, werther’s, etc.  Whatever is sent, we need to have at least 48 of that kind of candy so there’s enough for everyone.  We’ve received some bags already, which is wonderful.  If you can let us know if you’ll be sending some, and what you’ll be sending, that will help us get organized and know if we need to go buy any.  You can send it in any time, but we need it all by Wednesday, May 3rd so we can count and sort it.  If anyone is interested in sending a bigger treat to celebrate the end of testing (ie popsicles), please let us know, that, too.  Thank you!


Just a reminder that a Super Science and Problem of the Week are due this Tuesday, 5/2.

Building Permits:  We will be giving the students all of the building permits they will need to complete for all of their buildings on Tuesday (or, if they aren’t all copied and folded and all of the map decisions made, some will go home on Tuesday and the rest Wednesday or Thursday).  We will start building at the end of the week, so we need at least one permit done by Thursday and the rest done by Tuesday.  The permits will take approximately 30 minutes each to complete, so please support your child in doing a little bit every day instead of waiting until the last minute, as they will not be able to complete them if they wait.  One per day is an excellent goal and will also mean that if your child needs some help (they can be confusing at first), he/she can come to school the next day and get help instead of not being able to complete them because help wasn’t asked for earlier enough.  Our goal is that one will be completed in class with us early in the week as well.


Expiration Date: 
Jun 30