Governing Council Election Results

Governing Council is our decision making body for Open School made up of 12 parents and 12 staff members. Recently the Governing Council elections were completed and we have the results to share. Please join us in congratulating the new parent representatives for the Open School Governing Council for the 2017-19 school year. The following parents have been newly elected to the council as representatives for the next two school years:

​Arti Bhimani
​Anne-Marie Cziko
​Cherie Dame
Lily Fowler
Julia Jones 
Shawna Mills

Also continuing for the 2017-18 and completing their second term are the following parents:

Melanie Banders
Nichole Cannon
Donelda Carter
Sarah McNeil
Naomi Salamon
Matt Wall

We also want to congratulate the following parents who will act as alternates on the council:

Adriana Diaz
Heidi Turner

We look forward to another year of positive and progressive decision making on the part of our students.

Expiration Date: 
May 23