Weekly News - May 5, 2017

May 5, 2017

Classroom News

Testing for the fourth graders begins Tuesday morning and continues through Friday.  Please be sure your child gets a good night’s sleep and breakfast each day to help them have the energy they need to do their best work.  Please also make sure your child is at school on time, as once the testing session starts, late students will not be allowed to join in and will have to make up that testing session at another time.  We’re doing pretty well on candy for testing treats, but could use a few more bags of something that is not jolly ranchers (we have tons of those), especially for next week when the third graders test.  The third graders will be working outside at the lunch benches during testing time, mostly doing city building-related work, so if you’re looking for your child for some reason, check there.  If your 4th grade child has headphones that he /she can bring for the testing week, they will probably find them more comfortable than the ones given to us.

While the students think we have a ton of boxes already, experience tells me that we will need quite a few more.  Please send them in when you have them.  They should be clean and not be flattened or cut and need to be made of materials that can be cut with regular scissors.  Nothing bigger than a cereal box, please, and nothing with food or anything like that in it.  Macaroni and cheese, granola bars, girl scout cookies, toothpaste, crackers - these are all wonderfully sized boxes.  

The City Presentation is going to be on Friday, June 2nd at 11:00.  Normally it would be at the end of the day, but the jog-a-thon was moved to that day, and the whole school party is after lunch, so we’re moving our show earlier.  If you can’t make it that day, we will be doing the presentation again for the clusters the next Monday, but it’s always nice to come to the first official showing. 

If you’d like to help us build, we’d welcome the assistance!  All day this Monday we will be building.  Tuesday through Friday, we’ll be building at least part of the time from around 8:30 until recess, and potentially after recess.  We can’t predict our schedule after recess because the testing sessions are untimed - students get as much time as they need, so we don’t go back into the classroom until they are finished.  We will most likely be following the same schedule next week, as well.


For the next two weeks, we will not be doing our regularly assigned homework.  Instead, we’re expecting the students use the time for anything that needs to be done to get the city built - permits and actually building, or creating details or other things that they want to include in their city.  

In addition, we are asking the students to start work on creating a poster that depicts a vehicle that they would be designing for our city.  This can be any sort of transportation they wish - mass transportation, something more like a car, or a single rider vehicle (ie bicycle, motorcycle).  The idea is that they week they aren’t testing, they are working on a rough draft of their poster and then right after testing is done, they do the final draft, but the students can use their time however they wish to.  We will be discussing this assignment and showing student samples on Monday, when the fully described assignment and two sheets of paper (one rough draft and one final draft) will be doing home as well.


Expiration Date: 
Jun 30