Weekly News - October 6, 2017

October 6, 2017


Classroom News

Thank you, so much, to the wonderful parents who came and helped organize and deliver the food today.  The kids enjoyed the food and it really made the whole day special.  We could not have managed this special treat without parental help and we so appreciate it!

In a separate email (this one is posted on the school’s website and we don’t want to post the lists) we will be sending the tent list and the carpool list, as well as a couple of pictures from the food truck.  We worked hard to organize the tents so that every child was with at least one person they each put on their preferred tent partner lists, and are either with their parent, or in a tent next to their parent (if they aren’t the same gender - upgrades not counted), and that all parents are in a group with their kids, so we won’t be making any adjustments to the tent groups.  The tent groups are combined with other tents for all activities except sleeping and we all eat together.

As to carpools, we did the best we could with the information we had.  There are many cars that have only the parent and child in them and other cars that still have room for other children, so there is definitely room for consolidation.  We didn’t have information about who was leaving when, or where they were bringing the kids back to, so some of the carpools may not be geographically desirable for your family.  We were looking more at being with friends than what happened at the end of the trip.  If you would like to make a carpool change, please first reach out to the driver of the car you would like to change into and make sure it will work and then let us know about the change.  Please don’t remove someone from a carpool without making sure that it works for everyone involved.  We have many single passenger cars and we would love it if some of you would join up so we could have fewer cars traveling down.  Again, talk to the driver and then let us know so that we can have an accurate record of who is in what car.  The letting us know step is a really important one, so please don't wait until that morning to let us know of any changes.

If you are not coming on the trip, your child was given two half sheets for you to fill out and return to school.  One is for us to give to your carpool driver and asks for your cell phone number and other contact information.  The other is a release form so that we can let your child go home with the carpool driver on Friday.  It also includes a question about whether or not your child can go on roller coasters after 2:30 on Friday.  Per district policy, we aren’t allowed to let the kids go on roller coasters during the official field trip, so we just like to have back up permission for when school is technically out.  No child will be made to ride a roller coaster, or any ride, that he or she isn’t interested in riding. We would love to have these back by Monday, if at all possible.


Signed goals - Please have these signed and ready to turn in on Monday.

Science Reading: This week the students were given an article about light.  They are to read the article and answer the questions on the back of the sheet.  They also have a two page map.  On one side they are to collect information from the article as they read (in their own words as much as possible).  On the other side, they are to compare and contrast the principles of reflection and refraction.  It is due on Thursday, 10/12

Problem of the Week: The new problem asks the kids to arrange colored circles so that no circles of the same color are touching.  When we talked about this with the students we talked about using objects (ie pennies, nickels, and dimes) to figure it out before starting to color, to make it easier to manipulate the circles.  There is a second blank one on the back for students who wish to challenge themselves to find a second solution. This is due on Thursday, 10/12.

Word Study:  This week the heptagons and hexagons received their word study words and work.  Their assignments are due on Wednesday, 10/18.  The octagons and pentagons need to bring their work this Thursday 10/12.  On Thursday they will have a spelling test on those words, so check in to see if your child needs to do any extra practice before the test.  They will receive new words and new work, which will then be due in two weeks.  Please help your child remember to bring back the box of letters on Thursday so it can be used in class.




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Jul 1