Weekly News - November 3, 2017

November 3, 2017

Classroom News

We are in great need of baby wipes.  We use them every day to clean our breakfast in the classroom table cloths, as well as for cleaning other things in the classroom, and we are almost out.  We would appreciate any donations that people can send.  Please don’t send in cleaning wipes (ie Chlorox) as we need them to be chemical-free so the students can freely use them.

Parent - teacher - student conferences are coming up soon!  We still have a few families that have not signed up for a conference time, so if you haven’t, please do so as soon as possible.  We wanted you to know more about how Yellow Cluster does conferences, as it is a little bit different than other clusters.  We would like for you to plan to spend 45 minutes to an hour in Yellow Cluster.  15-20 minutes of that will be you and your child sitting down with us for a conference in which your child will share parts of his/her self evaluation and we will discuss his/her achievements and challenges and areas for growth or goal setting.  The rest of the time your child will be sharing his/her paper and electronic portfolios as well as other classroom projects and experiences that the class will decide they want to share.  You can do the sharing before or after your time with us, or some combination of the two.  This is a wonderful chance for you to really see into your child’s academic progress and to see the evidence of his/her learning and progress so we do hope everyone makes time for this extra element of our conferences.  We will be sending report cards home the week of conferences with a reminder of your conference appointment time.

In addition, we know that the school will need volunteers to help supervise the conference days’ activities and to help run the book fair, so please use the link provided in Thursday’s Backpack to sign up to help.  We love the Book Fair and the chances it gives our students (and us - we always have an extensive wish list shelf) to get new, wonderful books, so we do hope you’ll make time to stop in and check it out as well.


Scholastic News: This week we are reading a Scholastic News about girls who overcame some hardships and have become incredible track athletes.  The map that goes with it is asking the students to find the main idea and at least 2 supporting details for each section of the article.  The framing question at the bottom asks them to choose which Roots of Respect words they think describe the girls.  We’re having many students skip that question at the bottom and it’s a really important part, as it requires the students to not just find information, but think about it.  Please help your child make sure he/she consistently answers the framing questions in our maps.  This work is due on Thursday, 11/9.

Problem of the Week: This week’s problem is about finding 7 sets of 3 numbers from a collection of 21 numbers that, when added, have answers that are consecutive.  For example, 10, 11, 12...  In class we discussed some possible places to start.  One of them was that since the largest number to choose from is 20, at least some of the numbers we’re trying to add up to are going to be larger than 20.  This is really a trial and error process, supported by number sense.  The students have been told that they may end up not finding a solution, which is fine, but that we need to see evidence that they have tried a lot of different combinations.  This work is due on Thursday, 11/9.

Word Study:   The octagons and pentagons have work due on Thursday, 11/9.  The heptagons and hexagons had their tests this Tuesday, but were not given new words.  The octagons and pentagons will also not be given new words next week.  This is because we will be missing two Thursdays in a row due to conferences and Thanksgiving and we didn’t think having 4 weeks to do the work, one of which was a holiday week, made a lot of sense.  


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