Thank You to our Haunted House and Fairyland Creators

A very special thank you to everyone who helped with the Haunted House and Fairyland! We so appreciate the effort you put into developing a theme, building it and staying up late to make sure it is ready for us to enjoy.

Our Haunted House Builders:
Vic Caruso
Amina Dieye
Andre Rosemberg
Anthony Palka
Aylon Wilder
Cassie Nicholson
Chad Sell
Christie Savitt
David Abroms
Jimmy Bryant Wright
John Doran
Josh Nairn
Karla Pinero
Michael Ando
Michael McGowan
Michael Rosenberg
Michael Yglesias

And our Fairyland Builders!
Michael Abador
Fred Dawson
Michael Thomas
Rob Raichlen
Maria Magellanes

And all their families who supported and assisted!

Expiration Date: 
Sep 18