Growing With Green - January 8, 2018

We hope that you all had a wonderful Winter Break.  We are looking forward to an exciting 2018 in Green Cluster!  This week we will be continuing our Writing Workshop unit, “Label Booklets.” We are continuing our homogeneous reading groups in both literature, phonics and whole language development.  The children are making a lot of progress and expanding their sight word vocabulary.  They are becoming more familiar with using their book as a resource and learning to sound out words using their word attack skills.  We will be working on the letter sounds “Mm and Nn.” “M is for Missy Mouse”  and “N is for Nigel Nightowl.” We are learning the sight words “on” and “by.” 

We have some exciting activities that will be coming up right around the corner:  On January 30th, we will be celebrating Open School Day. It is a day to celebrate our diverse community. On Tuesday, February 6th, is the 100th Day of School. On Wednesday, February 14th, we will have our Valentine’s Day Party. More information to follow on all of these exciting events. 

A special SHOUT OUT to Naomi (Theo’s mom), and Jamie (Eli S.’s mom) for organizing such a wonderful holiday party, and for taking care of us all year long!  How did we get so lucky??  :)

Another special shout out to Mifumi (Eli N.’s mom) for helping us with our Japanese holiday song for the program, and for the beautiful piano accompaniment. Arigato!

We have some post holiday wishes for paper towels and disinfectant wipes.     

As always, we thank all of you who come in to help us by volunteering in the classroom and in the school community.  You all have such an impact on the richness of our educational program.


Expiration Date: 
Aug 1