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February News




Thank you to all of our volunteers who contributed their time and taught our class about their culture and family traditions on Open Day: Joy, Michelle, Maria, Grandma Erickson, Erik, and Louie. The class learned how to make pasta, play Sungka (Filipino Mancala), played with the kendama, learned about Midwest farming with wheat, created a pizza fractions game and made Filipino parols which are beautiful paper decorations. Hopefully you saw all their goodies when they came home. For their homework this week, we asked them to write about the day and what they enjoyed.

Thanks to all of our wonderful parent volunteers – without you our weeks would not go nearly as smoothly! We know that it can be hard to volunteer on a weekly basis. We appreciate those who are able to do so. If you would like to volunteer but can’t do so on a regular basis, feel free to pop in during Reader’s or Writer’s Workshop. We can always use another reading buddy and/or writing helper. The workshops are Monday – Friday from 8:30 – 10:20. OR, feel free to pop in whenever. We will put you to work! (It might just take a few minutes for us to find you a job.) J


Special Orange Cluster shirts have been designed and are currently on sale. Please follow the link: this link to purchase a shirt. You do not have to order a shirt, however, this is a fundraiser. For every shirt ordered, $4 is returned to the school. Adult and children sizes are available.


If your child would like to bring in Valentine’s cards for their classmates, please send them in on the morning of the 14th. They do not need to bring in cards, but if they choose to do so, they should have one for each child (48). They are actually easier to deliver if they are NOT labeled with kids’ names as they can just go down the row & put them in the bags, but that’s up to you! We’ll pass them out Tuesday, February 14th.


We’re running low on Avery full sheet labels #5265 and Avery address labels #5160. We also need some baby wipes to clean the students’ hands before they get on the computers! Lastly, we would love some TZ 12mm white label tape for a Brother P-Touch label maker. 

• ST MATH – Please continue to have your child complete 40 minutes of ST Math per week (10 minutes a day). We are currently at 35% completion. We hope to have 100% by the end of the year!


Upcoming Dates to Remember:

Sun., Feb. 11th               Open Beautification Day (9:30am – 2:30 pm)

February 15th                 Governing Board at 5:30, Friends at 7:00

Feb. 1st – 22nd               Read-a-thon

Mon., Feb. 19th               No School - President’s Day



We have finished our science units and have started social studies. The Pawns and Bishops have started to study the Tongva people, the local Native American nation. They have been reading about the Tongva people and taking notes on the important information. They have done a QR style project with a Tongva legend and have learned a few Tongva words. In teams of four, they will be using their notes to create a newspaper showing all they have learned.

The Rooks and Knights have started the History of Toys. They each chose a toy that exemplified one of the principles of physics they learned in science (i.e. balance, air resistance, magnetism, sound, gravity, forces, etc.) Now they are busy digging into their nonfiction reading and researching about their toy. Many of them have already started writing their rough drafts. It is a challenging assignment so they are simultaneously working on building up their character traits of perseverance, grit, and patience.  

In math, we are investigating subtraction through a variety of story problems. The students are working to understand the different ways to see subtraction in the “real world” as well as attacking these problems with different strategies. Some of the strategies they are using are number lines, unit form and compensation (constant difference). We’re wrapping up our investigations into area and perimeter. If you are on campus, pop by and check out their creative playground blueprints on display on the closet doors in the north room. Now we are diving into linear measurement. This week the students created their own Centimeter City and compared the lengths of the different buildings. We will continue exploring and practicing measuring with inches, feet, centimeters, and meters for the rest of February.   

We are finishing off our narrative unit. Each student has written a story on a topic of their own choosing. Throughout the unit, the class learned about different strategies to generate story ideas, how to improve their writing with more details and descriptive writing as well as making sure they are writing in complete sentences with proper capitalization and punctuation. (They even learned the words subject and predicate!) They have been working on typing these stories and will turn them into books. We have also been working on writing odes. They have learned what an ode is and picked a toy or game to write an ode on. The ode must include the new literary devices they were taught - a simile or metaphor and alliteration. They are taking these poems through the writing process (rough draft, revising, editing and final draft).

In Reader’s Workshop, we’re in the midst of our character unit. The class has tracked their fictional characters’ journeys up and down the story mountain. (On the way up, the characters encounter problems. At the top of the mountain –the climax- the character is forced to deal with the problem, and the way down is how the character resolved the problem.) In the coming weeks, we’ll pay close attention to how a main character resolves their challenges/hurdles and discuss what lessons we learned alongside the characters. Finally, we’ll compare characters and contrast the lessons the various characters learned on their journeys.

Our current word in our Roots of Respect program is empathy. We have read To Walk in Someone’s Shoes and The Invisible Boy. We have re-introduced our Bucket Fillers and are looking out for our classmates who may need a “pick-me-up”! The class also analyzed the self portraits of famous artists like Frida Kahlo, Picasso, Van Gogh and others looking for what emotions the artist was trying to express through the colors, brush strokes, expressions and lines. We are also discussing teasing and if there has been a time when they didn’t feel safe to wear something or do something (being their true selves) in fear of being teased.  


Expiration Date: 
Jul 31