Classroom Updates (Valentine's Addition)

Hi Everyone.......Happy Valentine's Week!!!!!!

  Valentine's Day

  We just wanted to let you know that if you are interested in having your child exchange Valentines in class on Wednesday, please make sure they only fill out the area that says who the Valentine is from.  Please do not write the names of each student on the Valentine as it takes so much longer for them to find their special bag and to deliver them.  They just need to write their name so that their classmate will know who it is from.

Making a Difference Follow-Up

Today, in class, your child made their final selection as to who they would like to research.  They are bringing home a green sheet that has the person's name on it so they can let you all know and you can begin discussing how they can gather their research if there wasn't a book in class about the person they chose.  Please sign and return the form by Wednesday.  We would also like for them to have a picture of the person they chose(for the art project) so we have asked them to also find a picture on the internet of their chosen person.  They can turn in the picture and the green form by Wednesday.  Thanks so very much!

Expiration Date: 
Jun 30