Growing With Green - May 14, 2018

Thank you to our glorious Green parents who organized and donated money towards such an incredible Teacher Appreciation Week.  We looked forward to our special surprises every day of the week.  It was so amazing to actually have a “spa day,”  a daily breakfast cart, a delicious lunch from Mendocino Farms, flowers, Shout-Outs and finally, the extraordinary Green Cluster luncheon prepared by all of you.  We can’t thank you enough! A special thank you to our aide, Vivian, for organizing the wonderful week for the whole staff!! :) 

We are happy to announce that the silkworms have started spinning their cocoons. The children are excited because the cocoonery is filling up.   

This week we are continuing our unit on money and are learning about the value of coins in preparation for Shopping Day, on Wednesday, May 30th. So many of you have volunteered to be our shopkeepers at the Green Cluster Mall. It will be so much fun!!  We have included some activities that you can do with your child in preparation for shopping day.

Last week we began our unit on measurement. We are learning how to measure in inches. For our finale this week, we will have a Darkling beetle run and measure the distance they traveled! 

We are looking forward to a wonderful and exciting week!

Expiration Date: 
Aug 1