Green Cluster Newsletter – Week of September 11, 2018

In Math, we have been extending our knowledge of patterns from the AB to the AAB.  We are continuing to work on place value (tens and ones), counting, and horizontal equations. 

We had our first Share Day with the Giraffes last Friday. We had some wonderful shares such as, Stella W.’s share about Holton’s Heroes (an organization that her parents started). We also had many students share their favorite books. One of which was about King Tut!

Here are the “Share Day” guidelines that we shared at Back-to-School Night:

- Things that your child can teach us about

- Things that your child has made

- Things that might help us get to know your child better

If we haven’t mentioned it previously, “Share Day” is optional for the children. The Zebras, who would like to share, will share on Friday 9/14.

Thank you to all of the wonderful parents who came in to volunteer this week for breakfast. Thank you for your help cleaning tables and setting up breakfast We appreciate the extra hands!!!


- If your child is a “Zebra,” he/ she may bring in one special item to share and talk about with the class on Friday for “Share Day”. This is totally optional.  :) Please no toys.

- Register for Open School’s annual Camp-Out. They have sold out every year!

- Picture Day is Tuesday, 9/18

- There is No School on Wednesday, 9/19

- Our first field trip will be on October 3, to the Los Angeles Zoo and we will have lunch at Travel Town. More info to follow.

What you can do with your child at home

Select two collections of objects (ex: spoons/ forks) and ask your child to put them in an AB and/ or AAB pattern.


Expiration Date: 
Jun 7