Principal's Message: As a Community of Adults We Set the Example

Dear Open School Families,

I am grateful for the Community of Respect that we all contribute to by remembering our school motto, which is: to respect ourselves, to respect others and to respect the environment. As a community of adults, we are always modeling respectful behavior for our children. As children, they are learning how to be in this world based on our examples, they are learning from what we show them daily. Please keep in mind that children are learning academic concepts in school, but they are also LEARNING how to interact and play socially. School is as much a time for social development, as it is for academic growth. Just as your child is growing, so is every child in Open School. It is the job of all of our Open School adults to model respectful behavior for all of our Open School students. Please keep both the development of your child and their peers in mind when helping your child navigate issues that they may encounter at school. Again, they are all learning how to interact. It takes a village to ensure that all of our kids are learning the art of interaction.

As a school we do not tolerate bullying of any kind. The definition of bullying is any deliberate, repeated and unwanted severe or pervasive physical, verbal, or electronic act that has the intention of harm or a detrimental effect. Any acts falling into this category will be taken seriously and investigated. Our goal is for every child at Open School to be safe. Often times the word bullying is used loosely by children and adults alike, when more accurately it is more of a bothering situation or a one time incident. We want to be made aware of these issues as well, but we do not want to label them as bullying, if they are not. 

At school, we encourage every child to be their own best advocate and speak up when there is a problem. Please support our school message at home by empowering your child to speak up when there is a problem. As the adults we will help them navigate social issues. This is how they grow and develop, by getting through uncomfortable social challenges with support. As we continue to make Open School a safe and happy place, please join us in making sure that bullying is not welcomed at Open School and that our children know the difference between bullying and bothering.

I am thankful for our partnership in developing the social and emotional stability of tomorrow’s generation!



Expiration Date: 
Mar 31