Weekly News - October 5, 2018

October 5, 2018

Trip Information:  Today we sent home a new copy of the packing list for the trip.  Paper clipped to it were two luggage tags for each person going on the trip.  Please tie one tag to each piece of luggage (sleeping bag and bag for clothes etc.) to make it easier for the Safari Park people to get your things to your tent.  Also, on Thursday, we sent a form home to the kids who don't have a family member coming on the trip.  The top half is information for your child's carpool driver, so they can reach you, and the bottom half is a release so that we can let your child go home with the driver of their carpool. If you haven't already sent it back, please do so on Monday.

Class Behavior:  We have been having a great deal of trouble with Yellow Cluster students doing too much talking, in all areas and during many different activities and lessons.  They are talking when they are supposed to be listening to us or each other, they are talking too much during work times and not finishing assignments, and they are talking, often very loudly, when they are supposed to be quietly lining up outside to go somewhere.  We have had many conversations about their choices, made them give up some of their recess time to finish something or to practice how to be a good listener, and they’ve lost time in some of their activities because they aren’t being respectful of other people.  Please have a conversation with your child this weekend about how they can contribute to improving the respectful nature of our learning community.  We are well aware that not every student is a part of the problem, but we do think everyone can be a part of the solution. As everyone has their checkbooks now, next week we will be starting to fine students who are consistently part of the problem and, as we have given them numerous work times to try and catch up with missing assignments, we will also be sending work home to be completed.  We’re hoping they get the message soon.  They are such bright, kind children, but they are definitely getting in their own way when it comes to being able to do their best learning.  

Salt Dough:  To everyone who said they would make salt dough for us, we’ll be contacting you soon with a recipe and when we’ll need the dough (it won’t be until after the Safari Park trip that we need it).  Thank you so much!


Scholastic News and Map: This week’s cover story is about the history of google and tips and information about how to use google.  We’re having the students use a circle map to write down things they learned from what they read. The map and the questions at the back of the magazine are due on Thursday, 10/11.

Scholastic News online:  We have activated our online Scholastic News account.  This allows you to go to the site and read a digital issue, as well as access additional content related to the articles in each issue, as well as other resources.  The site is sn4scholastic.com.  When you log in, choose student, and use the password YellowCluster1819  This is absolutely not required, in any way, but is a very useful resource if your child can’t find his/her magazine, as he/she can read it digitally and write down the answers to the questions on the back.

Weekly Problem:  This week’s problem is about using clues to figure out two numbers that fit all of the information.  We’re asking the students to write their answer in a complete sentence and to show how their answer fits all of the clues in the space below the lines.  This checking of their answer against the information in the problem is a crucial step in problem solving and other math work, so please encourage your child to do that step carefully.  This work is due on Thursday, 10/11.

Word Study:  The octagons and heptagons have their work and it is due on Thursday, 10/11.  The pentagons and hexagons received new work.  Due to the trip being over a Thursday, they will actually have three weeks to do their work, so it is due on Thursday, 10/25.  



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