Thank You for a Fabulous Fall Family Festival!

Thank you so much to everyone who came out to have fun at the Fall Festival on Saturday. The Festival would not have happened without so many in our community giving their time and effort.  A Big Thank You to you all!

All proceeds from the Festival went to Open School!

Between the sponsorships, donations, and keeping expenses really low we were able to pay for the Fall Festival and all the money raised at the event was profit for our school.  So thank you to the following Open School parents who assisted with the aspects of the Festival that led to this fantastic outcome for our school:

  • The Festival's Sponsorship Team: Amy Raichlen, Andy Sywak, Ashley Camron Sumen, Laura Klippel, Jamie Fish Shwartz, Lily Fowler and Rocki Davidson,
  • Jen O'Neil Sell helped with donations,
  • Lisa Maiman Hoffman procured the Maui Trip donation,
  • Bethany Stevens, arranged for the incredible Auction Baskets,
  • Mary De La Rosa and Danee Jones-Mitchell managed the Bake Sale, and
  • Vivian Blasi managed Ticket Sales.

Our Festival was once again a fun-filled day for kids in our community!

The Fall Family Festival Planning Committee was extremely valuable in the planning process, handling all tasks with ease and perfection.  Thank you to these wonderful Open School parents who planned and organized games and activities for the Festival:

  • Jen O'Neil Sell and Shelice Oppenheimer took the lead on Sand Art
  • Coral von Zumwalt, was our amazing lead on Slime for the 2nd year in a row
  • Lana Ascha organized the Cake Walk and Hula Hoop Contest
  • Joy Wonsowitz took care of the Festival T-shirts
  • Brian Kay & Danielle Handcox-Kay organized the Chariot Races, making 2 trips to LADWP with Jimmy Wright at 6 a.m. to pick up the cones and returned them after the Festival
  • Tiffany Warrior organized Soak the Staff
  • Susan Edwards organized the Face Painting Booth
  • Dwayne Beck for making Flinger
  • Josh James Nairn for making Mini Golf
  • Jeanine Percival Wright organized an epic Prize booth that the kids are still talking about!

The Haunted House and Fairyland continue to be the grand attractions at the Festival!

So many people had a hand in making the frightening Haunted House so great!  Thank you so much to the:

  • Incredible creators of Haunted House: Michael Abedor and Mike Ando  
  • Their fabulous team:  Christopher Sheppard, Ann Kaatz LoBue, Scott Cargle, Cicely Provost, Beth De Marco, and Kathleen LaGue
  • Amazing crew who helped before, during, and after the event: Susan Varga Lillestol, Aylon Wilder, David Abroms, Tony Palka, Josh James Nairn, Kelly Kenworthy, Tina Howell, Michael McGowan, Charlie DeMarco, Andre Rosemberg, Leonard Fowler, Jeff Fennema, Maria Smith, Bebe Smith, John Doran, Steve LaRocque, Victor Caruso, and Amina Dieye.

The Fairyland team created the most magical attraction ever! Thank you to:

  • Our incredible Fairyland leaders Stacy Barnhisel and Tracie Lockwood
  • Their amazing team Beth Richards, Michael Thomas, and Michael Abedor, Josh James Nairn, Malina Brown Rego, Kelli Paschall, Annaleigh Klingler Breeden, Michael Rhoton, Christine Shiba Paus, Kristen Lockwood and Kim Lockwood

Thank you also to Ms. Alba and her Blue Cluster students for making the Zombie video, and Purple Cluster for making the Haunted Experience for younger guests at the Fall Festival. 

Delicious food sustained us throughout the day and for this I am grateful to: 

  • Cindy Davis, Allease Glamore, Brittney Johnson and Kevin Joyce, who coordinated and supported efforts to source food
  • The Fischer-Chun Family for Hawaiian food
  • Joanne Viray, Joanne Sese, Rocki Davidson, Joy Naval, and the rest of the Halo Halo team for introducing us to this new treat
  • Mira Rosenthal, Miye Bennett, and David Abroms for keeping the Korean BBQ tradition alive

Thank you to the following parents for tackling the behind the scenes work of the Festival:

  • Lindsey DeSart ran numerous errands and organized the Festival set up the night before
  • Shachar Lavi handled all the graphic design, LAUSD paperwork, Maui trip buy in raffle, and a million other little things
  • Grace Pak helped find outside volunteers, helped with LAUSD paperwork, organization of games and Friday night set-up, and - along with Rocki Davidson - acted as the volunteer coordinator at the Festival
  • Shazneen Gandhi helped to advertise the event

Hopefully I did not forget anyone?!?!  It truly takes a village to put together the Fall Festival.  In addition to those listed here, parents from Open volunteered to help us throughout the Festival and I am grateful to all of you for the roles you played to make it a success. Our students are lucky to have a community dedicated to supporting the events that support their school! 

Sheri Lipschutz, Fall Family Festival Chair

Expiration Date: 
Nov 1