Weekly News - November 2, 2018

November 2, 2018

Thanks:  Thank you to everyone who made salt dough!  Our maps are made and drying so that we can paint them on Monday.  We even have so much extra dough that we’re going to use it for another upcoming project!

More Thanks:  We’d also like to thank everyone who donated to help create Yellow’s wonderful basket at the Fall Festival.  It was so awesome that Denise bought it!  S’mores, fires in the fire pit, and snuggling with cozy socks and warm blankets are all going to be happening for her family this winter, thanks to you all.

Vote:  As we discussed with the kids on Thursday, voting is an excellent chance for our voices to be heard about issues in our city, state, and country.  Hopefully they came home and reminded you of the importance of voting on Tuesday.  If possible, please take your child with you to your polling place when you vote, or show them your ballot if you're voting by mail, so they can grow up with a dedication to voting themselves when they are old enough.

Student-Led Conferences:  We are really looking forward to our upcoming conferences.  Our students work really hard to prepare to share their progress with you, so please be sure to set aside 45 minutes to spend with them at their conference.  Also, when sign ups go out to help supervise the students at activities, or to help out at the Book Fair, please sign up!  We can’t do our conferences without the extra adult help supervising the rest of the class, so you are most definitely needed.  And the Book Fair counts on parents to staff it, and that is one of the students’ favorite conference traditions (ours too - you’ll see, we always have the biggest shelf of book donation requests!).  

Operation Gratitude:  The school is collecting candy to send to the troops via Operation Gratitude, so please send in your excess Halloween candy by Wednesday.  They are also hoping to get other items like travel toothpaste, dental floss (maybe those samples you get from the dentist that are just lying around), mechanical pencils, and pens.  


Just a note for next week:  As the students will be at conference activities on Thursday 11/15, we won’t be sending home any new homework next week, or for Thanksgiving week.  

Thank you note:  While this didn’t make it on the assignment sheet, at the Thursday assembly, the students were asked to write a thank you note to a soldier to send with the candy being collected for Operation Gratitude.  We have told our class that this is a required piece of homework.  It is due by Wednesday.  Please review your child’s note for appropriateness.

Scholastic News and Map: This week the students are looking at the causes of effects of California’s increasingly large wildfires.  The map and the questions at the back of the magazine are due on Thursday, 11/8.

Weekly Problem:  This week the students are trying to figure out how to get a person to a treasure, following the rule of only going up 10 steps.  (We didn’t say this to the students, though one did ask, but here’s a hint for you - it doesn’t say anything about not being able to go down the steps.) It is due on Thursday, 11/8.

Word Study:  The pentagons and hexagons have their new work and it is due on Thursday, 11/8.  The octagons’ and heptagons will not have new work until after the Thanksgiving break.



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