Attendance Matters - From Superintendent Austin Beutner

Attendance matters. Los Angeles Unified is committed to encouraging every student to attend school every day.

We are very excited to announce that several local sports teams are working with L.A. Unified to help improve attendance. Please watch and learn more about our partnerships with the Rams, Dodgers, Sparks, Clippers, Galaxy, Kings and the L.A. Football Club to encourage student and staff attendance.

Each month, kindergarten and ninth-grade students and staff with improved attendance – including those who already have perfect attendance – will be entered into a drawing. Two hundred students and 50 employees will win tickets every month. Each winner will receive two tickets, allowing them to enjoy the games with a guest.

Our collective efforts are making a difference. Overall attendance is up. Chronic absences are down. Students have added over 77,000 more school days already this year. 

Thank you.


Expiration Date: 
Dec 31