Weekly News - November 30, 2018

November 30, 2018

Welcome back!  We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving break.  We’ve jumped right back to work and are having fun learning with your kids each day.  Thank you to everyone who helped supervise during conference week and for all of the wonderful book donations from the Book Fair.  They’ve been added to our library and many of them have already been checked out.

Yellow Cluster has been hard at work planning animal legends to go with each student’s focus animal from the Safari Park (for example, How the Leopard Got Its Spots) and are going to be making masks of their animals.  We’re starting that on Monday and would love extra parents to help out.  We’ll be working on them all day.

We are also looking for help next Friday at 1:00.  It’s our second payday and the students are still learning how to do everything they need to do, so having a bunch of extra adults around is really, really helpful.  Please let us know if you can come help!

We have been doing work with the idea of point of view lately.  In Reading Workshop, we have been looking at how different characters can see the same thing very differently and thinking about how we can describe characters using that kind of evidence.  As a part of our work with our current Roots of Respect word, Gratitude, we have been talking about how you can have an attitude of gratitude about even things that don’t seem so positive by looking at things from another point of view and trying to find the positive within it.  We’re also encourage them to, when they are interacting with another student, to think about how something might appear, or feel to someone else.  It’s a big idea that can definitely be supported by at home conversations.

Notepads:   Hopefully you saw our email yesterday and received the actual paper flyer about ordering notepads with your child’s object drawing as gifts for family and friends.  The orders are due by Wednesday so that we have time to actually make the notepads.  Let us know if you have questions.


Scholastic News and Map: This week the students are finding evidence for various statements about the topic in the cover story.  There are five statements that they need to find text evidence to support.  We have added a step where we want them to write the number of the paragraph that the evidence came from under the bubble the evidence is written in.  This paper is double sided, so please remind your child to do both sides and to answer the framing question at the bottom of the back side.  The map and the questions at the back of the magazine are due on Thursday, 12/5.

Weekly Problem:  This week the students are trying to figure out how remove 8 sticks from a picture, leaving only two squares that don’t touch each other, with no extra pieces left over. There are practice ones on the back.  We also talked to the students about using toothpicks or crayons or some other tool to actually build it to work on solving it. It is due on Thursday, 12/5.

Word Study:  As word study is a two week rotation and we don’t have two sets of weeks before the winter break, we are not doing word study homework until January.

Winter Concert:  We need the students to memorize the words to our songs as soon as possible.  We had assumed most of the students knew the words from practicing them in music, but today we found out that that wasn’t totally true.  We will be practicing the songs every day in class and really need the students to know all of the words.



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Jul 31