Weekly News - December 7, 2018

December 7, 2018

Winter Concert:  We hope that everyone will be able to make it to one of the performances of the Winter Concert this Wednesday.  The 8:45 and 11:00 shows will be complete performances, including  Orchestra, Band, and Choir, while the 1:10 show will only be cluster performances.  If you don’t have a child in Orchestra, Band, or Choir, the last show is usually far less crowded.  For our performance, we do not have a required outfit, though we do ask the girls not to wear heels so that we don’t have to worry about them going up and down the risers.  As there is a bake sale, please be sure to give your child some money if you want him / her to be able to buy a sweet treat.  There’s also a gift boutique for adults who are interested in shopping for some holiday gifts.  

Attendance:  We have some students who have been telling us that they will be missing some school next week for family trips.  Please be sure to send an email to us and to attendanceatopencharter.org so that we know what’s happening (and to avoid the LAUSD robocalls).  

Holiday Party: On the Friday before Winter Break, we will be having some winter fun activities and a small party.  We would love help with both of these events.  The activities will be from 10:45 - 12:15 and the party will be after lunch, around 1:00ish.  The students have made snowflakes with the extra salt dough we had and will be painting and decorating them.  We need some parents to lead additional activities as well (contemplating bird seed ornaments, if anyone has an expertise in that area, and need probably 2 more things as well), since the students can’t all paint at once and doing that won’t fill the whole time.  Please let us know if you can help us out.  We will be sending out a sign up genius for people to sign up for party treats.  We’re going to be finishing up the movie Mary Poppins in the afternoon, so if anyone wants to do fresh popcorn, the kids would love that!  


This will be our last homework until after Winter Break.

Scholastic News and Map: This week the students are looking for the main idea of each section and at least two details that support the main idea.  They are then thinking about all of those together to arrive at the main idea of the whole article. The map and the questions at the back of the magazine are due on Thursday, 12/13.

Weekly Problem:  This week the students are trying to count how many triangles are in a design.  They need to look carefully for single triangles and ones that are made up of other shapes that combine into a triangle.  It is due on Thursday, 12/13.

Word Study:  As word study is a two week rotation and we don’t have two sets of weeks before the winter break, we are not doing word study homework until January.

Second Year Students:  As our second year students build a costume that is a timeline of an object, rather than a replica of an object, they need to do some research to support that.  We have found that if students do most, or all, of that research over Winter Break, they have a much easier time finishing their costumes when we come back and start building.  They have their research maps already and we’ve talked about what they need to do.  I will be emailing each parent website links that will hopefully be useful in their child’s specific research sometime soon.  Please support your child in using some of his/her holiday time to do this work.  Come January, they will be happy they did.




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Jul 31