Weekly News - February 1, 2019

February 1, 2019

The cardboard for our object costumes has arrived!  The students are very excited to dive into making their cardboard patterns, and many of them are ready to start.  We would love help on Monday, all day (9:00 - 10:25, 10:45 - 12:15, 1:00 - 2:30), as the more adults around, the quicker this all goes.  After Monday we will also need help cutting cardboard, as we don’t let the students do that.  Even if you have half an hour at drop off or pick up, we can use you to cut cardboard on most days (though if it is raining hard, we might not be able to find a dry spot).  We have all of the tools needed.  If you can’t help this week, we will really ramp up our need over the next few weeks, so keep reading!

Also, just a reminder that we often do yoga on Mondays, so the students need to wear clothes they can comfortably move in, in all directions.

Book orders were due today.  Denise will be submitting the order on Sunday, so if you didn’t place your order yet (and some students told us today they still hadn’t ordered yet and wanted to), please be sure to do so by Saturday evening.  Late orders are still taken, but the books won’t arrive at the same time.

Valentine’s Day is coming soon and we wanted to let you know how we celebrate.  We ask that if students are bringing valentines, that they bring one for everyone.  They don’t need to be personally addressed, but it is very, very helpful to have roll call numbers 1-48 (minus your child’s own number) written on the outside of the envelopes.  This makes it easier to pass the valentines out and make sure that one gets put into everyone’s bag.  

Open School Day is coming up near the end of February and we need you!  We sent home an information and sign up sheet on Thursday, so please ask your child for it and let us know how you can help make this wonderful day happen!  We need people to lead rotations, set up and clean up for the feast, and, of course, bring food for the feast!


Scholastic News and Maps: The latest magazine (which is actually from November) is about the Japanese internment camps.  We had a really great short introductory conversation about this topic on Thursday and the students were really interested.  We encourage you to continue the conversation at home, and consider expanding it to what’s happening with immigrants today.  The magazine and map are due Thursday, February 7th.

Weekly Problems:  With this week’s problem, we are starting a new procedure.  In order to support the students’ willingness and ability to read a problem and try to solve it without help (which is what they will need to do on the state tests in the spring), we aren’t discussing the problem in advance.  We’re asking them to give it a try and do something on it independently.  For a few weeks, we will then start answering questions about the problem on Tuesdays.  Later, we won’t answer questions at all.  To really make this work, though, you also can’t help them out until after Tuesday.  Supporting them in giving it an attempt before Tuesday is also important.  We will still be going over the problem when we correct homework on Thursdays, so everyone will see how to solve it, but we think it is really important that they develop the confidence to read a problem, think about what they might have to do, give it a shot, and then evaluate their answers to see if it fits the problem - all independently.  This week’s problem is due on Thursday, February 7th.  (And trust us, it looks harder than it really is.)

Word Study:  The octagons and heptagons got work this week.  They are working on roots, prefixes, and suffixes.  Their work is due on Thursday, February 14th.  The other groups will get their work next week.





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