Engage in Our School's Governance: Mark Fischer

I began participating in Governing Council meetings seven years ago, when my oldest son was in Green Cluster.  It started when I joined the Communications Committee to get involved in rebuilding the school's web site - an interest of mine.  It was not long before I found myself on the agenda in some meetings, reporting on our progress.

While my initial foray was through some volunteer work I happened to be interested in, I soon realized how Governing Council was a great way for me get closely connected to what was happening at my child's school.  I got direct contact with the teachers, staff, and many parents, engaging me quickly in Open's amazing community.  It also connected me to what my child did each day.

My initial experience led to serving as a representative on Governing Council for four years, and as the Governing Council President for two.  Whether you aspire to serve as an officer, a representative, or a regular participating parent, I would encourage all parents to get engaged in our school's governance. As I learned, you don't have to be connected at Open School to participate in Governing Council...you become connected to Open School by participating!

Expiration Date: 
Mar 29