Listen to our Community of Voices: One School, One Book - The One and Only Ivan

Our One School, One Book event is off to a terrific start. There is a buzz in the air as our kiddos are reading The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate TOGETHER.

Today, in assembly, we played a game to see if the students could guess which staff members were reading which sections of the books. They knew most of our voices right away! Please click on the link to access the Open School's Audiobook Recording of The One and Only Ivan. With so many of our staff members reading different segments of The One and Only Ivan, you are sure to be captivated as you try to figure who is reading.

To download the audiobook, please follow these steps:

On your desktop computer, go to this link Open School's Audiobook Recording
Click the blue Download tab and select "Direct download"
Go to your Downloads or Audiobooks Folder and Select "The One and Only Ivan" file.
iTunes should automatically open and start playing the file.
Go to the main Menu at the top of the iTunes window and select Chapters to navigate to a specific chapter of the book as we read over the next few weeks.

* Please note that if you download the file on your mobile device (cell phone, iPad, etc.), you will need to get the DropBox App.  Your device must be able to handle the file size (about 60 MB).  It will not be able to separate by chapters, so please print out the Audiobook Chapters Guide. 

 I am so grateful for this community reading opportunity, and I hope you all are as well.

Happy Reading!


Expiration Date: 
May 10