Lots of important info - please read!

May 10, 2019

Thank you for a wonderful teacher appreciation week!  We so appreciated our morning coffee and treat cart, the two days of yummy lunches, the beautiful flowers, and the special notes the students wrote for us, along with all of the other little extras.  We hope you know that we also appreciate all of you and how much you support our classroom and school.  Open School is such a wonderful community!

Yellow Cluster t-shirts!  We know it’s last minute, but we have a great design for this year’s t-shirt.  We created a template using the same broken house design that the students saw at the California African American Museum and then used for the artwork auctioned off at the Friends’ Party.  The students wrote their names inside the bricks that make up the house.  The design is in white and yellow on a black background and it looks really great.  You can purchase a child’s size shirt ($15) or hoodie ($27) or an adult size crew neck ($15), v-neck ($19), or hoodie ($27).  All orders will be done directly through the company that is making our shirts and will be delivered to school on, hopefully, May 30th.  The ordering window is going to be short so that they can get made in time.  The company will be sending us the link to the store site hopefully today and we will send that in a separate email once we get it.  It will include pictures of what the options are.  We won’t be ordering extras and once the store closes, that’s it for the order, so if you want to order something, please pay attention to the deadlines. 

Gorilla adoption: We hope everyone enjoyed reading The One and Only Ivan together.  The book was based on a real gorilla and his life, first in captivity in a mall, and then in a zoo.  Students were so moved by the story, they decided they wanted to do something to help gorillas, so we did some research and found out that we can adopt a gorilla.  So, school-wide, we are collecting donations to try and adopt a silverback through the Dian Fossey organization.  A letter and envelopes were sent home earlier this week.  No donation is too small and we appreciate everyone’s help in making this school-wide idea come true.

Field Trip:  We are still waiting for a few field trip slips, so if you haven’t sent your child’s in yet, please do so as soon as possible so we can finish our organizing.  For the day, the students will need to be in their Yellow Cluster (or just yellow) shirts.  They will also need a small backpack to carry their lunch in, as we won’t have a bus to store food in.  They will be responsible for carrying their lunch and drink all day.  If you are meeting us at the station, we are leaving from the La Cienega / Jefferson station and you should bring your child there at 8:45.  If you are picking your child up from the train station at the end of the trip, please plan on being there at 2:00.  Denise will be at the station waiting for kids to be dropped off and picked up, so please be sure your child checks in and out with her.

Testing: Next week our third graders will be doing their math testing on Tuesday and Wednesday and our fourth graders will be doing theirs on Thursday and Friday.  Please talk to your child about working slowly and carefully and reading each question at least twice to be sure they are answering the right question.  When they are not testing, we will be building outside at the lunch benches and would love helpers.  

City Building:  In order for us to finish the city, we need a couple of things - super responsible students who use their work time appropriately and get things done at home as needed, and boxes!  Today, we were lacking a lot of the first elements, so please talk to your child about using their building time to actually get things done and to use their at home time to get their permits done.  Also, please continue to send in boxes, lots and lots of small boxes, as we go through them quickly.  Nothing bigger than a cereal box is needed.  We don’t need shoe boxes or anything around that size. We love boxes from things like granola bars, macaroni and cheese, and toothpaste.  Please don’t send in anything that can’t be cut with regular scissors.  

City Presentation:  The City Presentation will be on Friday, May 31st at 1:15. We hope you can join us.  We will also be having it filmed and made into DVDs that will also include the accompanying slideshow.  We will be repeating the show at various times on Monday of the next week, and possibly Tuesday, for other clusters, in case you can’t make it on Monday.

GoPro anyone?: Part of our City Presentation includes an animation of the city coming together.  We traditionally have had parents help us make this happen.  The dad who loaned us his GoPro camera for years has left the school, so if you have a GoPro or similar camera that can be set to take pictures every couple of seconds that you are willing to loan us, please let us know.  If you are willing to take those pictures and make them into a movie, please let us know that.  We would need the camera on Tuesday, May 28th so that we can take the pictures on Wednesday the 29th.  We would need the video done hopefully by Thursday, but Friday morning, the 31st, would also be okay.

Book Orders:  Our last book order of the year is due on Friday, May 17th so that we can place the order and have it arrive before summer break.  Your support has meant that we have been able to get so many new books for our classroom library for free.  Reading over the summer is so very important for your child’s continued growth as a reader (The summer slide is real - prevent it by reading!) and having books at home really helps.  If you would like any recommendations, please let us know.  


City Name: The students are to come up with 6 names that they think would be good for our city and explain why each would be a good name.  Please encourage both creativity and thoughtfulness in their choices.  This work is due on Thursday, 5/16.

Building Permits:  We need the students to get their building permits done as quickly as possible.  Ideally, all of their permits would be done by Monday (that’s what we told them).  Realistically, if someone hasn’t already started working on them, or is doing a bunch of permits with another student, we do know they won’t all be done by Monday.  But they should walk in with at least 4 permits done, if they are doing them solo.  Please support your child in this goal.  It is really important for the progress of our city!

Election Speeches:  For the students who signed up to run in our last election, speeches are due on Monday.




Expiration Date: 
Jul 31