Digital Citizenship: Keep Our Kids Safe in our Digital Society

Dear 4th and 5th Grade Families,

As we become more dependent on technology, we have noticed at the elementary school level that more and more students are getting cell phones, or independent access to devices. We would like to continue to express the importance of monitoring what your children are doing on devices, who they are contacting and the time of the day that they are utilizing their devices. As a school, we want to be proactive and assist in matters when phone usage becomes a problem. However, many times this extends beyond the scope of what we can monitor. 

Please remember that there is nothing that takes the place of human interaction and children playing, without a device in hand. However, if you find that your family has chosen for your child to have a phone, here are some suggestions for monitoring:

  • Know their passwords
  • Make sure they do not have social media accounts, they are underage
  • Make sure you know who your child is communicating with
  • Make sure to collect the devices at night so children can get a good night's sleep
  • Set the devices on "do not disturb" mode at night, we suggest 7:00 pm at the latest
  • Be aware of mood changes or secrecy that stems around the device
  • Have clear consequences if your rules around the phone are not followed

Additionally, if you are interested in additional information related to Digital Citizenship, Common Sense Media has resources that are easy to access. Simply click here and sign up for free. You’ll find many lessons related to responsibility, security, communication, and digital footprint. 

As a community of respect and love for each other's children it is key that we are all vigilant in making sure that all of our kids show integrity and feel safe even when they are behind a screen.

In partnership,



Expiration Date: 
Oct 31