Indigo Cluster Reminders

Hi Everyone,

      As we close our year, we are beginning the process of having our students take some of their work home.  We began today and will continue until Friday.  Please have your child bring a bag to school each day to help carry some of their belongings home.  They should also make sure their backpacks are as empty as possible when they come to school so that they have space to add things to take home.  

   Also, our students have work on some technology projects this year that currently lives in their online portfolio.  If you  would like a copy of their work this year, please send in a flash drive and I will copy the portfolios so that you have a their projects as well.  This request was also made at the beginning of the year, so if you already sent one in, you don't have to send in another.  If you aren't sure, have your child check with Ms. Regina tomorrow.  I have already received a couple of duplicate flash drives, so no worries, I will keep the first one and send the new one home.

Thanks so very much!

Expiration Date: 
Jun 30