Weekly News - August 29, 2019

August 29, 2019

We are looking forward to seeing everyone at Back to School Night on Tuesday.  We're excited to share the Yellow Cluster curriculum with you and hopefully answer any questions you have.

There is still some confusion about our weekly goals, so we wanted to clarify them again.  The weekly goal is located on the back of each week’s assignment sheet.  On Fridays, the students will complete the questions in class (we did it today to help them get in the routine).  We make comments on those goals and send them back home, either on Friday, or if we haven’t had time to look at them, on Monday.  This goal sheet should then live in the back cover of the yellow folder as a reminder to each student about what he/she is working on that week.  It should also be signed by a parent.  The signed ones get turned in on Fridays when the new one is written.  Please take the time to read what your child is writing, as it is really a wonderful opportunity to get a glimpse into what your child is thinking about, as well as some potentially useful feedback from us.  This also gives you the chance to support your child in working towards achieving his/her goal for that week.  You can also write comments to support your child, or to give us additional information (or ask questions), as we do look at the signed goals when they are turned in.

We need the paperwork for the Safari Park trip soon, please.  If you’re an adult who is coming with us and need the packet of paperwork for yourself, please let us know because we are pretty sure we haven’t sent it home to everyone who needs it.  If you need a new set for your child, too, please let us know.  We have paid for all of the adults who said they wanted to come, so please also be sure you are on top of meeting all of the District’s requirements for you to join us.

We have begun part of our social studies work, looking at maps and then focusing specifically on the United States.  The students have been looking at the regions of our country and learning more about them.  As we move forward, they will also be working with locating and naming all of the states and learning more about them and how they became part of our country.

This week we also jumped into starting many of our assessments and pre-assessments to see what our students already know in regards to the grade level standards.  This helps us get a picture of each student’s strengths in the assessed areas and plan what we need to teach each person.  We know the students can get tired of doing assessments, and may be complaining at home, but they are an important part of our being able to effectively meet their needs, so hopefully they can maintain their patience as we have them complete this work.  

As everyone is getting back into the routine of the school year, we wanted to take this opportunity to remind everyone about the importance of getting enough sleep.  At this age, kids should be getting 10-11 hours of sleep every night.  Adequate sleep doesn’t only restore energy levels, it also boosts your immune system and supports learning and memory.  Doctors have also seen that stopping screen time an hour before bedtime helps people fall asleep faster and have better sleep patterns.  Please make an early-enough bedtime a priority in your family routine, as we can see the effects of late bedtimes in school the next day.  


Cursive:  We will be continuing to learn the rest of the letters next week.  We’ll then move on to combining them into words. If you can, please also watch your child to make sure the letters are being formed with the correct motions, as learning it right the first time is way easier than trying to correct it later.  Tuesday - Thursday we will teach new skills and have the students complete short amounts of practice of what was taught.

Writer’s Notebook: The decorated writer’s notebook is due on Tuesday, September 3rd. Please help your child remember to put this notebook into his/her backpack so that it’s at school for them to write in next week.  As a reminder, the notebook can be covered by anything flat - drawings, photographs, things cut out of magazines, stickers, etc.  The decorations should represent your child and be important to him/her in some way.  The decorations should help tell their story.  We will be asking them to write a story about at least one of the things on their notebook, so photographs are really good for that. If you have time on the 3rd to come and help cover the notebooks with clear packing tape to project the decorations, we would love your help with that.  

Reading: Please help your child read at least 20 minutes a night and remember to write what books he/she is reading (or having read to them, which is wonderful) on the assignment sheet.


Expiration Date: 
Jul 31