Weekly News - September 13, 2019

September 13, 2019

Just a reminder that Picture Day is Tuesday.  If you are going to order pictures, please be sure your child has the envelope with money, or already paid, on Tuesday morning.  We’re first, so hopefully that will mean they will all still look wonderful by the time we take our pictures!  We will probably not do our Daily Mile that morning, just to help make sure of that.

Today we introduced Typing Club to Yellow Cluster.  They were very enthusiastic about it and we hope that positive energy and excitement continues.  We put a sticker inside each student’s yellow folder that tells the website, user name, and password so that they can all log in at home.  This is going to be a mostly at home opportunity, and one that we greatly encourage you have your child consistently do, as knowing how to type correctly is a hugely positive life skill.  If your child is working on Typing Club, please help him/her make sure to keep his/her hands in the proper position or the practice won’t really be doing any good.  In terms of logging on, the most common thing that causes problems is students forgetting to put openschool in front of typingclub in the website address, so if they are having trouble, please double check that.

Continuing our efforts to have the students do quality goals in a reasonable amount of time, this week we gave them 20 minutes to do their goals.  Goals that weren’t complete had notes written on them and the students will be expected to finish them at home.  We are learning that having clear time limits really helps this group of students focus and use their time more effectively.  We also asked students who didn’t write in complete sentences to fix that at home.  Please support our efforts by looking at your child’s goal and responding as needed.

We sent home our first Scholastic Book orders on Thursday and the orders have already started being placed!  That’s so great!  Thank you. Your book orders are a big way we continue to stock and grow our library.  In case your child hasn’t told you, the latest Wimpy Kid book is in this book order.  Those books will be delivered separately, on the day they are released.  In the past it has been true that the book order is the cheapest place to buy these books, as they are the only place they are offered as paperbacks.  All orders are due by next Friday, the 20th.

Thank you everyone who has been sending us things from our wish list!  It's so fun to have packages arriving with surprises inside!  We did receive a box of headphones today without a note telling us who they were from, so, whoever you are, please let us know so we can thank you personally!  The headphones are part of our plan to start an audio book collection in Yellow, a project we are really excited about.


Job applications:  These were sent home on Thursday and are due next Friday.  We discussed all of the commissions and each student chose 3 to apply for.  We went through the whole application and talked about each question and the kinds of answers that might fit that question and they had about 20 minutes to get started on completing their first one sot hat they had time to ask us questions and do as much as they could do.  We also told them that each person they ask to be a reference can only be a reference on one application, so, ultimately, they need 6 different adults.  We also pointed out how many adults there are at school to ask, and some students have already started asking us, which is great.  We won’t fill out a recommendation until the application is complete, however, so please remind your child to finish it before asking us.

Getting to Know You Pictures:  We haven’t actually told the students about this yet (it’s not a secret, we just had a really busy day today), but we are going to be doing a project using a comic designing program called Comic Life.  In order to do this, we need 8-10 digital images from each student that help show who they are.  Family photos are the best, but some students also like to include other digital images, sometimes of art they have created, and sometimes from things they like to do.  Ideally, we would like these pictures by Wednesday, September 25th.  Please feel free to start working with your child to choose pictures this weekend if you would like.  Email them to yellow.clusteratme.com and please put your child’s name in the message line.

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