Weekly News - September 27, 2019

September 27, 2019

Remember that there is no school on Monday, September 30th.  

On Thursday we examined infographics to see if we could figure out how they are organized and how the graphics are used to support the theme and the information.  As we continue to work, we will be doing more research on our Safari Park animals and then picking an animal, or pair of animals, to create an infographic about.  The students seem really excited about this project, and we’re looking forward to what they create.  If you have access to royalty-free, available to use images and graphics related to Safari park animals, please let us know!  We need photographs of the animals with no backgrounds, as well as things more like icons, or colored in shapes of animals.

We have started studying the geography of the United States.  They have looked at aspects of different regions and are beginning to work with identifying and finding the states on a map. This is a great time to pull out a US puzzle, if you have one, or to play any other game related to the states.  Even finding all of the state license plates on the cars around you is a great way to practice what names are actually names of states (as opposed to countries, cities, etc.).

As part of our Roots of Respect work with the word courage, we read Game Changer: John McLendon and the Secret Game by John Coy.  This book tells the true story of an illegal basketball game that was secretly held in the 1940’s between an all-white team from Duke Medical School and all all-African-American team from the North Carolina College of Negroes.  After the first game, in which the Duke team was outscored almost 2-1, they mixed up the teams and played again.  All of the players left with a much deeper understanding of, and appreciation for, each other, and everyone promised to keep the game a secret, as the consequences could have been deadly for the coaches and the players.  We talked about the courage it took to participate in this game and the students were asking great questions about the roots of discrimination and how people couldn’t see that everyone deserves to be treated equally.  We hope you ask your child about this book and continue the conversations at home.  


Science Spin:  This week we are reading a shorter magazine called Science Spin.  It comes out once a month and just has one science-related story. The article outlines the scientific process as it relates to a study about zebras, so the students will be completing a flow map showing the steps of the process as these scientists used it.  The magazine and map are due on Friday, October 4th.

Problem of the Week:  We’re going to do one more version of a crossing the river problem, this one with a twist about time, so it will use some computation as the basis for the logic of getting people places.  This one is actually going through a cave.  It’s due on Friday, October 4th.

Getting to Know You Pictures:  If you haven’t sent these in yet, please do so as soon as possible so that everyone can complete their projects.  As a reminder, we are going to be doing a project using a comic designing program called Comic Life.  In order to do this, we need 8-10 digital images from each student that help show who they are.  Family photos are the best, but some students also like to include other digital images, sometimes of art they have created, and sometimes from things they like to do.  Ideally, we would like these pictures by Friday, September 27th.  Please feel free to start working with your child to choose pictures this weekend if you would like.  If you have printed images, we can scan them at school, if that is needed.  Email them to yellow.clusteratme.com and please put your child’s name in the message line.  It is much easier and faster for us to get these as email attachments, rather than from an external site, so please send them that way. 

Expiration Date: 
Jul 31