Homework Update

This week's Homework involves logging into an online reading program that our students have been using in class.  Here is an update as to how to access it from home just in case your child forgets.  Also included is a reminder as to how to access Spelling City.  

Language Arts Online Homework 

Spelling City

This homework gives students the opportunity to practice words from our Word Wall.  These are the most used words in reading and writing and they often don’t follow the rules.  Students will log in using the format indigo followed by their name (indigoregina) as their username and their name and rollcall#(regina50)  as their password.



This is an online reading program that will allow your child to read books at their just right reading level and gives me the opportunity to monitor their comprehension.  I have assigned each student a group of books that are at their level.  The expectation is that they will choose one story a week.  They will listen to it, read it, then answer the questions.  This story also counts for their weekly reading minutes.  For the log in, they will need to enter the teacher’s user name. If their roll call number is 1-24, they should enter indigocluster as the teacher username.  If their roll number is 25-48, they should enter indigocluster2.  They will then find their name, click on it, and enter their password which is their name and rollcall# (regina50).  They should then click on the reading area, then click on “Level Up” to read the books for their just right level.


Expiration Date: 
Jun 30