Check If Your Employer Matches Your Generosity

Reminder:  Please check with your company to see if they match charitable contributions, either in part or in full. This is effectively free money for our school, and often just requires a small amount of paperwork, which is often completed by the Annual Giving team rather than you. 

We have received donations from roughly 150 families so far this year, with just a handful indicating that their companies match. Our experience tells us that there should be a few more matching gifts out there waiting to be found -- so please double check! Just a few of the companies that have matched recent Open donations include Disney, Sony, Honda, Google, Wells Fargo, Mattel, Bank of America, Raytheon, Northrup Grumman, Apple and Dell -- as well as many smaller companies. You'd be surprised!

If your employer has any questions, please ask them to (email us).

Expiration Date: 
Nov 30