Weekly News - November , 2019

November 8, 2019

Class News

We had a super busy day today, so we weren’t able to look at the weekly goals.  We will be sending them home on Tuesday instead.  Please look for them then so you can sign them and your child can turn them in on Friday.

We hope everyone enjoys their three- day weekend.  If you are a veteran, or have family or friends that are veterans, we want to thank you, so very much, for your service to our country.

Parent / Teacher / Student conferences are coming up quickly!  We are looking forward to seeing everyone.  Please remember to save 45 minutes to an hour for your conference so that your child has enough time to share his/her work with you.  There is a lot for you to see, and it should be very informative for you as well, so please preserve that time.  Also, we really, really, really need helpers to supervise the students while they are at activities during conference week, and for the super wonderful Book Fair, so please sign up to help.  Here’s the sign up genius link.


Our school is trying out an online reading program called Lexia.  We got the students set up on it on Thursday.  It starts with an initial assessment and then assigns students different levels and activities based on what the assessment indicated were areas of need.  We won’t be doing a lot of it in class, but it is available for anyone who wants to use it at home.  The information about where to go and how to sign in is on a sticker on your child’s yellow folder (if he/she had it at school on Thursday - see note below).  The website is clever.com/in/lausd and they log in using active directory.  They have a district assigned email address and password also written on the label that they use to login.  When we did this in class, getting the email address typed correctly was a challenge for many students, so if your child is trying to log in and gets an error message, that’s probably the first thing to check.  We’re looking forward to hearing the students’ feedback, which at this point is fairly mixed. 

Friday (today) was our first skillsheet due date.  While our primary goal with the due dates is keeping the students moving so that they learn and practice the computation skills they need for their grade level, we also are trying to help them learn about pacing their time, following a plan, using their work time to work, setting goals, and working towards them, and all of the other personal responsibility skills that go along with this.  For the most part, unless a student takes a music class on Mondays, or has quite a few skillsheets to accomplish, students should be able to get all of their skillsheets done during their class time on Monday.  By sticking to these due dates, we’re hoping that our students who have not been using that time to actually focus and work consistently, will realize that they need to change their work habits.  Many band students also were re-introduced to the fact that they need to make up the skillsheet time they are missing by working on them at home.  We still have students with missing skillsheets, and we will be letting individual parents know about that separately.

Our current Roots of Respect word is leadership.  We have been reading books about people who have shown leadership in a variety of ways, both big and small, hoping to get them to embrace the idea that we can all show leadership every day, whether we are in a position that has been defined as a leader or not.  Making good choices and encouraging others to do the same is an important and valuable way of being a leader.


Please help your child make sure that he / she has his / her yellow folder at school every day.  We often have things to give them that need to go home, or kids ask questions about their homework, and without the yellow folders, it’s much harder to make sure everyone has what they need when they need it.

Scholastic News: This week the students are reading about sports and concussions in kids. Instead of a thinking map, they are using the graphic organizer provided by Scholastic.  The magazine and sheet are due on November 15th.

Problem of the Week:  This week’s problem is about eliminating parts of a grid so that the final result matches some defined criteria.  We encouraged the students to use objects to help them manipulate the graphic and sort through their thinking and then record their final answer, rather than trying things and having to erase constantly.  It’s due on November 15th.


Expiration Date: 
Jul 31