Weekly News - December 13, 2019

December 13, 2019

Happy Friday the 13th!  We hope everyone’s day was filled with only good luck.

If you were planning on placing a book order, but haven’t yet, we won’t be actually submitting the order until Sunday, so you have until Sunday morning to go online to place your order.  Thank you so much for supporting our book order program!

Winter Concert:  We’ve made some great progress in knowing the words to our songs, but would love everyone to keep practicing so that nerves don’t get in the way at Wednesday’s performance. We don’t need them to wear anything special for the concert, but often orchestra or band does ask the students to wear specific colors, so please check in with your child about that.  

Our visitors / helpers from Carleton will be leaving on Friday the 20th.  We’ve all really enjoyed having them in class, helping us out, and teaching us various things.  We know the students are really going to miss them when we come back after break.  We would love everyone to make each of them a card, picture, or note to give them on Friday, but we haven’t been able to secretly pass that on to the kids, since our helpers are always with us.  Please pass this request on to your child so that we can give them a nice stack on Friday.

Along with that, Friday is also going to be one the last day for one of our students.  Esther and her family are moving and we are so sad to say goodbye.  We will be asking the students to write her a note also, so it would be great if you pass that information on to your child as well.  

We’re going to have a small celebration Friday afternoon.  You should be receiving a sign up genius from our room mom or birthday party coordinator so that everyone who wants to send in a treat can sign up. We’re not trying for a big extravaganza, just a time to have some yummy food, enjoy each other’s company, and say good bye to our Carleton helpers and Esther.   


Science Spin:  This week the magazine is about how parasites take over three different insects and turn them into “zombies.”  The students were really interested in reading this article, so hopefully doing homework isn’t much of a chore.  The map is two sided.  One side is asking them to find some specific information about each animal and parasite and the other side is asking them to choose two of them and compare and contrast them.  They are due on Friday, December 20th.

Problem of the Week:  This week the students are following patterns around the idea of decorating cookies.  We’ve started doing some work around multiplication patterns, so hopefully they are able to see some of this problem as relating to multiples. (If they don’t, we’ll be pointing it out when we correct it on Friday.)  It is due on Friday, December 20th.

Second Year Students:  We have given our second year students their research maps for the work they need to do researching the history of their objects.  There will be some time in class during the upcoming week for them to work on the research, but we are asking that they all finish it up, or as much as possible, during the break, so that when we come back they can jump into the steps to actually build their timeline.  We will be sending home books, or copies of pages from books, as well as emailing website links, for each of them to research from.  We wanted to give you a heads up about this work so that you can support your child in making time to get it done. 

Expiration Date: 
Jul 31