Weekly News - January 17, 2020

January 17, 2020

Welcome back!  We hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and that you will all have a wonderful 2020!  We’re settling back into our school routines here in Yellow and are so happy to all be back together.  The goals went home today without teacher notes, as Lauren wasn't at school today.  Please sign your child's and have him/her return it on Tuesday, when we will be able to read them.

Help Needed:  We’re going to have two straight days of object building, with the hope that dedicating a big chunk of time all at once, rather than spreading it out over a few weeks, will help us ultimately finish sooner.  To make it work, though, we need as much adult help as possible.  So if you can come for any (or all!) of Friday, January 24th and/or Monday, January 27th, please do.  You don’t need any specialized skills, just a willingness to get on the floor (most likely) and help kids out.  We will definitely need people to cut cardboard, which can also be done after school on Friday and before school on Monday too. If we don’t have enough adults, we may have to cut the building times on these days short, so please let us know if you can make it, and when.  (Remember to use the reply button in the email rather than the one in your mail app, as those emails don’t get sent to us.)

The new Roots of Respect word is integrity.  We have been talking about how integrity is doing the right thing, whether or not anyone is watching, but that it is also making choices that are true to who you are and who you want to be.  Our first example of someone with integrity has been Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  We have read a couple of great books that focused on the planning and delivery of his “I Have a Dream” speech and then listened to him giving the speech while we followed along on a typed copy.  The class has been very engaged and we encourage you to ask your child about what he/she has learned.

The latest book order flyers went home on Thursday.  The note says that they are due on Friday, January 31st, but we are going to change that to Thursday, as we saw that we need to submit the order on Friday in order to earn the free book awards that are being offered this month.  Also, in one of them is a book called The Thrifty Guide to the American Revolution, which takes a humorous approach to a time period that we will be studying in the next few months, and doing the Object Parade about, so that might be a good purchase.  (We haven’t actually read the book yet, but it’s gotten good reviews and is by the people who do the Who / What Was series that the kids love.)


Scholastic News:  The map this week is about reading and analyzing some important and wise words from people in the Civil Rights Movement.  It’s a great opportunity for some discussion with your child. The magazine and map are due on Friday, January 24th.

Problem of the Week:  This week the students are figuring out possibilities for sharing lollipops following certain guidelines.  Making a chart or table is a really great strategy for solving this problem and finding all of the possible answers.  It is due on Friday, January 24th.

Skillsheets:  There is a skillsheet due date coming up on February 7th.  We started checking in with all of the students on Monday, helping them see what they needed to do and how much time they had to do the work in.  Please check in with your child about where he/she is.  Between now and then, there is enough class time to finish around one and a half packets, most likely, if your child uses the work time effectively.  If your child goes to band or sees Mr. Boze on Mondays, he/she should already be doing skillsheets at home for around 45 minutes a week. Other students are just not using their time wisely and will need to spend some at home time getting caught up. 

Expiration Date: 
Jul 31