Weekly News - January 24, 2020

January 24, 2020

Thank you so much to everyone who came today to help with the objects.  We really appreciate you!  Now we need another great turn out on Monday.  There are now quite a few kids with cardboard that is ready for cutting, so we would love help with that and with continuing to support kids making their patterns.  Even if you only have 30 minutes in the morning at drop off, we can use you.  We will still need cardboard cut after Monday, too, most likely, so come on by and we’ll give you some to cut!

As it was such a busy day, the students did do their goals, but the goals didn’t make it into the kids’ mailboxes.  They will go home on Monday.

We would love to get started on designing our Yellow Cluster t-shirt for this year.  So if you have any design talents, or skill with manipulating images on the computer (ie. making a graphic out of the names that the kids write), and are willing to help create the design, please let us know.  

We began our deeper study of multiplication this week.  The third graders are going to be looking at what multiplication is, how it works, and strategies for figuring out problems, as well as mastering their facts.  Third graders who have already demonstrated a strong command of their facts and how to multiply larger numbers have joined with the fourth graders and will be working on factors, multiples, prime and composite numbers, various properties of multiplication and, ultimately, how to multiply two digit by two digit numbers using various strategies.  

We have been combining reading, our work around integrity, and some history, by reading about and discussing some of the people who were a part of the Civil Rights Movement.  Last week we told you about some of the things we did while learning about Dr. King.  We then read about Georgia Gilmore and how she supported the movement by giving the leaders a safe place to meet (and feeding them!), and organized a group of women to cook and sell their food, donating the proceeds to help make the Montgomery Bus Boycott possible.  We then read about Audrey Faye Hendricks, who was the youngest child to volunteer to go to jail during the Children’s Crusade in Birmingham.  We wanted the students to see that there are many ways to stand up for what you believe in beyond just being the inspiring front person and that everyone’s contributions are important in achieving great things.

Remember that this Friday, January 31st is both Pajama Day and a minimum day.


Scholastic News:  The map this week is about finding information in an article about penguins that might create an infographic.  The magazine and sheet are due on Friday, January 31st.

Problem of the Week:  This week the students are figuring out the price of two items so that the cost matches all of the clues.  This is a classic problem where many students jump to a conclusion that fits part of the problem, but not all of it, so we talked about really making sure you check your answer and make sure it fits everything. It is due on Friday, January 31st.

Skillsheets:  Please check in with your child to see how he/she is doing at being caught up for the February 7th due date.

Expiration Date: 
Jul 31