Open School Institute was a Success

We would like to thank all the participants who attended Open School's Institute: Constructivism in Action held today.  It was an extremely collaborative effort with our teachers and administrators sharing some of our best practices with approximately 60 colleagues from all parts of Southern California.

This one-day conference offered visiting educators the opportunity to experience and observe learning and teaching processes in an authentic context.  It provided a chance for participants to learn how to integrate constructivist practices into their classrooms and at their schools through a process of focused classroom observation, teacher-led workshops, and panel discussions involving teachers, students, and staff.

We also want to acknowledge the incredible support from our parents who helped at the welcome table, gave insightful tours, and assisted with setting up for our luncheon. Thank you, Micheal Thomas, Matt Wall, Victoria Battles, Jessica Ferguson, Shachar Pangindian, Jamie Shwartz, Adrianne Robertson and Rocki Davidson. Your help was yet another testament to our collaborative spirit at Open.

Thank you again for being part of an amazing day at Open School.

Expiration Date: 
Apr 30