Weekly News - January 31, 2020

January 31, 2020

Apologizing in advance - this is going to be a long one!  Please be sure to read the whole thing.  As it was such a busy day, the students did do their goals, but the goals didn’t make it into the kids’ mailboxes.  They will go home on Monday.

Skillsheets:  The next skillsheet due date is this coming Friday.  We have been working with the students since before Winter Break to try and get them to stay on top of what needs to be done.  Unfortunately, many of them have chosen to not use their time effectively and have found themselves very, very behind.  This is a lesson in and of itself and we are hoping that it is one that many of them learn now instead of later, when it might count much more heavily.  We have written on each student’s assignment sheet what needs to be done by next Friday.  Today we met with each student and made sure that he/she had skillsheets to take home to work on, if needed.  If anyone had more than 2 skillsheets to do, we didn’t give them all of what they needed, as trying to do that much in one weekend doesn’t promote effective learning.  Some of them have skillsheets that they might not know how to do yet and they will need to be shown how to do the computation.  We had a long conversation with the class about what we should all do now to get caught up and to make sure it didn’t happen again.  Many consequences, both positive and negative, were suggested and we will be implementing the feasible and fair ideas.  Ultimately, though, the students said that the big reason the work wasn’t getting done, for most of them, was that they were doing too much talking when they were supposed to be working on their skillsheets and that, when they were supposed to work on them at home, they weren’t.  Please follow up with your own child and have what feels like appropriate consequences, if needed, to help your child learn the lesson of keeping up with their responsibilities and what it feels like when you don’t get done what you needed to do.  

Object help:  We would love parents on Monday from 10:45 - 12:15 and 1:00 - 2:30 to help with object costumes.  Please join us if you can!

Field Trip:  We are super excited to be going to the Science Center for the opening of their new exhibit, The Art of the Brick, on Friday, February 28th.  Trip slips will be going home soon.  We’re letting you know now because we need parent chaperones to come with us and we need to know how many tickets to get for parents.  The trip is $6 a person, so we will be asking for donations to cover the cost of the student’s tickets, and chaperones will also have to pay $6.  All students can come, regardless of if a donation is made or not, so, if you are able to round up, or add a few extra dollars to help cover everyone, we would really appreciate that.  Please email us if you want to come.

At Back to School Night we asked for someone to fix the back of our bin shelf.  There were a lot of people looking at it that night, but we haven’t gotten it fixed yet and it’s getting really bad.  Please let us know if you can come fix it for us.  It is going to need new wood attached to the back and possibly some wood filler or something else to fill where the nail holes have gotten too big to be effective.  We can reimburse you for the cost of the materials.

We will be celebrating Valentine’s Day on February 14th.  If your child is bringing valentines, please be sure there is one for every student in the class.  We have the students deliver them themselves to bags that are labeled with each student’s roll call number, so it is really helpful to have the roll call numbers on the outside of the valentines (we don’t need a #9 anymore though).  Without the numbers the kids always lose their place and don’t remember who they have given a valentine to.  


Scholastic News:  The map this week is about learning how and why computers gather information.  This is a great chance for a parental follow up about digital citizenship and the importance of being safe and smart with your online presence.  The magazine and sheet are due on Friday, February 7th.

Problem of the Week:  This week the students are figuring how to use a 5 cup jar and a 3 cup jar to measure exactly 4 cups. This is a challenging one, so remind your child to write down the things that he/she is trying so they can turn it all in, as we are looking for effort as much as answers.  It is due on Friday, February 7th.

And a message from the Site Committee:

Hello Yellow Families,

My name is Anne-Marie I am co-chair of the site committee and parent of boys in Blue and Purple. Site committee looking for someone or a few people to do a bit of weeding/mulching behind Yellow. We have done work over the last two years to make the area behind yellow an extension of the classroom but like all things it needs some maintenance. Specifically, pulling of the new lilies that have popped up since the winter rains and some new mulch where there is mud.

As site committee chairs we are trying to build a community/cluster based approach so areas we have worked on don't get neglected as current site committee members age out of Open. If you are interested in working on any aspect of this small-med project let me know and we will find away to guide and support you. All materials needed are already on site and we can help with access if it's needed during a non-school hour.

Also, Bethany Stevens is your current "Green Team" Representative who has been doing watering as needed-thank you-. Just to put it out there, we will need someone else to do it next year if you are interested and end up looping. We have irrigation but it's not always reliable so it mostly about checking and watering every once in a while. It 's not a big time commitment and especially convenient if you drop off and walk in. You do not need to cover holidays and breaks. 

Thank you! 

You can contact me at annemarie.czikoatgmail.com


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