Weekly News - February 7, 2020

February 7, 2020

Read-A-Thon:  The Read-A-Thon Committee has created yet another wonderful reading experience for our students.  They are absolutely amazing!  Please help support this incredible event by doing the following:

• Encourage your child to read and to honestly log their reading minutes.  And add them up correctly.

• Please only sign for the minutes that your child has actually earned and for the types of books that were actually read.  In general, we read out loud to the class every day except Thursday for 15-20 minutes and have reading time Tuesday through Thursday for about an hour.  Those minutes should be on the log and you can initial for them.

• Make sure your child brings his/her signed reading log, in the envelope, every Wednesday for the next three weeks.  If your child is absent, please email us the total minutes for each day so we can make sure he/she gets credit in time for the minutes to be counted for that week's competition.

We have a special Yellow Cluster goal - if we get 100% participation for all three weeks, we’re going to have a celebration that includes watching the original Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory movie.

Object help:  We would LOVE parents on Monday from 10:45 - 12:15 and 1:00 - 2:30 to help with object costumes.  Please join us if you can!  (Unless it’s raining, then we’ll need to postpone the work times.)

Open School Day:  Open School Day is quickly approaching - one of the best days of the year!  We sent home a letter today asking you to sign up to either lead a rotation and/or bring food for the feast for Open School Day.  Please return this letter as soon as possible so that we can get planning and make sure our time blocks, and everyone’s stomachs, are completely full!

Field Trip:  We were able to get the free trip to the Science Center, so we no longer need to collect donations for tickets.  Please return your child’s trip slip as soon as possible.  We still have space for parents, too, so please email us if you want to come.

We will be celebrating Valentine’s Day on February 14th.  If your child is bringing valentines, please be sure there is one for every student in the class.  We have the students deliver them themselves to bags that are labeled with each student’s roll call number, so it is really helpful to have the roll call numbers on the outside of the valentines (we don’t need a #9 anymore though).  Without the numbers the kids always lose their place and don’t remember who they have given a valentine to.  


Scholastic News:  The map this week involves finding the main idea of each section of the article and then creating a hashtag that represents that main idea.  The magazine and map are due on Friday, February 14th.

Problem of the Week:  This is a spatial puzzle involving moving pieces to different locations, following a given set of rules.  It is due on Friday, February 14th.

Skillsheets: We gave the students a little bit of a grace period.  Anyone who turned in their skillsheets and met their due date (today) will get the $5 per skillsheet bonus.  Anyone who turns all of their skillsheets in by this Monday (2/10) won’t get the bonus, but will also not be charged the $5 fine per skillsheet for having them be late.  After Monday, fines will be assessed (and the work will still have to be completed).

Expiration Date: 
Jul 31