Read-a-thon Update - Week Two Results


For the second week in a row, let us extend our congratulations to Fudgemallow Delights! This week Fudgemallow Delights scored an impressive 63,237 minutes, surpassing second place team Everlasting Gobstoppers by 3,960 minutes. Special shout out to Everlasting Gobstopper teammate Kourtney S. for logging an amazing 3,167 minutes this week! 

We are happy to report that almost across the board the numbers of students who participated increased dramatically! Red, Blue and Purple Clusters had the most significant jumps in participation, while Silver Cluster held strong at 98 percent.

Once again, team Fudgemallow Delights should visit Ms. Pam in the library this week for a small treat. (The Read-A-Thon committee will deliver treats to the winning students in Green cluster.)

Remind your child that there is one more chance for their team to win and to become Wonka’s Super Readers or Wonka’s Junior Readers.

Few reminders:

  • Students are expected to read at least five days a week for 20 minutes a day. Please encourage them to meet this goal.
  • Parents or guardians must initial logs each day. We will not accept minutes otherwise.
  • Don’t forget to turn over the reading log and encourage your child to earn scratch-n-sniff stickers by reading books in different genres. 
  • If your child is absent on the day the log is due, please email (Lauren Spielberg) and provide your child’s name, cluster and the breakdown, day by day, of minutes read.
  • Encourage your child to visit Ms. Pam in the library and participate in our “make your own invention” raffle. We have great prizes, including gift certificates from The Book Jewel, a brand new bookstore located in the Westchester Triangle, which opens March 2020.
  • Let's keep up the momentum for the final week of Read-A-Thon! 

We are still looking for volunteers for our last tallying session on Wednesday, Feb 26, and Ms. Pam could always use extra help in the library. Please sign up here:

Expiration Date: 
Feb 20