Weekly News - February 14, 2020

February 14, 2020

We hope everyone had a happy Valentines Day and enjoys their three-day weekend!

This week we had a reset in Yellow Cluster.  We had been having a lot of challenges with students maintaining respectful behavior and making the kinds of choices that support their, and everyone else’s learning.  We decided to stop our regular program for part of a day so that we could all reset into the respectful people we know we can be and remind ourselves about what is expected at school.  The students wrote about what they should be doing during most of the main times of the day and then wrote about what he/she needed to change to support our respectful, integrity-filled classroom environment.  We have made copies of these for you and they are going home today.  Please read what your child wrote and have a conversation about appropriate behavior, direction following, and being respectful to others and the classroom materials and then sign the writing.  The students need to turn in back in to us on Tuesday and will be assessed a $1 fine if we don’t have it.  The fine will double each day it takes for us to get this back.  Since the reset, things have been better, but we would like the momentum to continue and the positive energy to spread.  

Object help:  We really need some extra adult help to get some of our kids further along in the process.  If you can stop by any morning so that we can give you some cardboard to cut, or a student to help, we would really, really appreciate it.  We’re getting worried about how long this is taking and when that will mean the parade will be, and we think some one-on-one with adult assistance will go a long way.  We could also really use parents to press a couple of buttons on the cricut paper cutting machine (all the complicated stuff will have already been done) and then peel the letters off.  That can happen any time.  

Open School Day:  Open School Day is quickly approaching - one of the best days of the year!  You received a sign up genius link in another email to sign up to bring food or help out with the feast.  And we still need 2 more people to lead rotations, so if you can lead a rotation, please let us know.

Field Trip:  We are still missing quite a chunk of trip slips, so please send yours in if you haven’t.  Also, we would really love a few more adults to come with us so that we can give each parent a smaller group of students to be in charge of, so if you can come with us, please let us know by Wednesday.


Scholastic News:  The magazine this week has three different mysteries in it.  The map asks the students to choose one of them and put information in a circle map that explains all about the mystery.  The magazine and map are due on Friday, February 21st.

Problem of the Week:  We’re starting something new with our weekly problems.  As when the students take the state test in April/May, we aren’t allowed to help them, we want them to have the experience of jumping in and trying to solve something they might find confusing without any help.  As such, we only read the problem on Friday and didn’t answer questions or provide help.  We’ve asked them to all give it a shot over the weekend and we will start talking about it on Wednesday.  Please support us in this by not helping your child with the problem until he/she has given it a try first.  We’ll be sticking with this plan until testing. This week it is a puzzle involving figuring out the length of a river based on the information in the problem.  It is due on Friday, February 21st.

Skillsheets: If your child has late skillsheets, we sent a note home today that lists all of the missing work and asks for you and your child to make a plan about how he/she will catch up.  The note needs to be signed and brought back on Tuesday.  We told the students that it will be a $1 fine if it’s not here on Tuesday and will double every day after that.  We noticed that some students left theirs in their mailboxes, so if your child has the integrity to tell you about the note that was left here, please write us a note with the plan for catching up so that they don’t get fined.

Expiration Date: 
Jul 31