Weekly News - February 21, 2020

February 21, 2020

Open School Day is Tuesday and we are so excited!  Thank you to everyone who is leading a rotation and / or sending food / helping with the feast!  We are super excited.  Your child won’t need a lunch on Tuesday unless you have a super picky eater and are worried about him/her having enough to eat.  

Object help:  We are really falling behind in our objects and need extra adult help!  We’ll be building all day on Monday and could use lots of adults.  We are also happy to have helpers in the mornings, if that works better for you.  Just not on Thursday because of the assembly.  

Our field trip to the Science Center is next Friday, the 28th. Please be sure to have your child wear his/her yellow shirt.  Everyone will also need a lunch and a snack, packed in separate containers, clearly labeled with their name.  The lunch can be in a regular lunch box, but the snack should be in something that can be thrown away.  Please don’t back a huge snack, as there probably won’t be a lot of time to eat it.  Please also remind your child about listening, following directions, staying with the group, and treating the materials in the Science Center respectfully, as well as everyone that we will be interacting with.  We’re looking forward to a great day!


Scholastic News:  For this week’s paper connected to the magazine, we’re asking the students to log the sugar in their drinks for 5 days.  The days don’t have to be consecutive.  We’ve shown them how to read a nutrition chart and talked about being sure to check the serving size so they can multiply to get the right amount if they need to.  If they are drinking a glass of something from a carton or jug, they will probably need help figuring out the serving size and sugar amounts.  They were already shocked at how much sugar is in a small gatorade, so hopefully this will be illuminating.  The magazine and paper are due on Friday, February 28th.

Problem of the Week:  Just a reminder to please not help your child with the weekly problem until he/she has given it a good faith effort themselves.  As when the students take the state test in April/May, we aren’t allowed to help them, we want them to have the experience of jumping in and trying to solve something they might find confusing without any help.  We’ll be sticking with this plan until testing. This week’s problem is about flipping over mats to rearrange them the way the problem describes.  It is due on Friday, February 28th.

Object Parade Lines and Songs:  We have sent home copies of the script and the songs for the Object Parade so that the students can start memorizing them.  We don’t have a date yet for the Parade, but we do need everyone to start preparing by learning the lines and the songs.  Please support your child in doing this.

Expiration Date: 
Jul 31