Weekly News - March 6, 2020

March 6, 2020

We still really need adult help with our objects.  We will be working on them on Monday from 10:45 - 12:15 and 1:00 - 2:30.  We also welcome helpers on Tuesday and Wednesday first thing in the morning.  Please come.  We really do need you.

If you haven’t turned in your conference confirmation paper or cluster placement feedback sheet, please do so as soon as possible.  We would like to get the conference schedule firmed up and we have people waiting to see about possible openings.

One School, One Book began on Thursday with the unveiling of this year’s book, The Lemonade War. We read the first assigned pages together and have written the pages for each day on the assignment sheet that went home today.  By next Thursday, everyone should have read chapters 1-4.  We encourage you to join our reading community by reading along with your child and discussing the book together.  The audio book version, done by Open School staff, is available through a link that went home in Thursday’s Backpack.  

This week we did an experiment with static electricity.  We haven’t yet learned about what static electricity is and how it works, as that will begin next week, but it’s a great chance to point out any static electricity that may happen in and around your house, or to ask your child about the experiment we did, which is easily replicable at home.  If you want to show your child something cool, blow up a balloon and rub it a bunch on your hair, or with a wool cloth, and then put it near a faucet with a thin stream of running water.  You should be able to make the water move towards the balloon!

We sent home book orders last week.  They are due this coming Friday, March 13th.  


Scholastic News:  This week’s cover story is about the Australian fires, but the other main story is about the fight for women’s rights.  The work to go with it is to fill in a timeline with important events in the history of the women’s rights movement.   The magazine and paper are due on Friday, March 13th.

Problem of the Week:  This week’s problem is really about reading a problem carefully to apply the information correctly, as the actual math isn’t very complicated.  It is due on Friday, March 13th.

Object Parade Lines and Songs:  We have sent home copies of the script and the songs for the Object Parade so that the students can start memorizing them.  We are thinking the Object Parade will be the night of Open House, but haven’t confirmed that yet. Either way, we do need everyone to learn their lines and the songs.  Please support your child in doing this.

Expiration Date: 
Jul 31