Learning materials for distance learning at home.

Hi Green Cluster Families, 

Beginning Monday, March 16th, in an effort to prevent the spread of COVID 19, all  Los Angeles School District will be closed for two weeks.  The district will continue to evaluate how we will move forward. On Friday, your student came home with activities to work on at home. We suggest that you create a schedule for work times with your child.  In Green, we usually do reading in the morning, writing between recess and lunch, and math in the afternoon.  20 to 30 minutes on each activity is perfect.  We suggest that you add a play break between each activity. 

Conferences that are currently scheduled for the week of March 23rd will be postponed for now. 

We also canceled our field trip to the California Science Center on Wednesday, April 1st. If things clear up in May, there’s a chance we may reschedule. If not, we will return your donations once back in school. 

In all matters, Ms. Jessica and I will do our very best to keep you updated. We will also be checking our emails during the closure, so if you have any questions about any of the activities, we will do our very best to help you with it. 

Below is the list of things you can do with your child. We have also included a copy of it in your activity packet. 

Finally, thank you for your patience as we move through this time. Please take care of yourself. We will miss the children so much!

With love in our hearts, 
Christine and Jessica


Work Options for Home for Green Cluster


1. Sign in to Lexia for phonics practice

2. Sign into Epic to read books


b. Use code: gag8233

3. Read and color a sight word book and keep them in the Ziploc bag we sent home. We will use them once we return to school.

4. Continue to read Lemonade War

5. Practice sight words on Quizlet (free but sign-up is required)

Set A: https://quizlet.com/_87dj9v?x=1jqt&i=2q6q45

Set B: https://quizlet.com/_87dkq5?x=1jqt&i=2q6q45

Set C: https://quizlet.com/_87dlf5?x=1jqt&i=2q6q45

Set D: https://quizlet.com/_87dlzn?x=1jqt&i=2q6q45

Set E: https://quizlet.com/_87dmaq?x=1jqt&i=2q6q45

Set F: https://quizlet.com/_87dms0?x=1jqt&i=2q6q45

Set G: https://quizlet.com/_87dn4t?x=1jqt&i=2q6q45

Set H: https://quizlet.com/_87dni3?x=1jqt&i=2q6q45

We also sent home the master sight word list if you want to make paper flashcards at home.


1. Practice writing letters in your letter book packet from school.

2. While you’re at home, make a fun dish to eat, possibly the recipe you sent in. Draw a picture and write a sentence for each step on each page.


1. Sign into ST Math

2. Practice writing your numbers

First: 0-9

Second: 1-20

3. Do some of the activities in the workbook


1. Engineers: If you have Legos at home, practice building structures and send us a photo of your best one to green.clusteratme.com

2. Do the bread and germ experiment with your family.

Social Studies

1. Included are social studies books we received from the district earlier this year. This could be another fun way to learn new things. Either way, they are for you to keep at home.


Expiration Date: 
Jun 12