For our students - March 16, 2020

Hi Yellow Cluster!

Here’s a couple of things that you might want to do while we don’t get to be in school together:  

Here’s links for anyone who wants to watch me finish reading The Iron Trial.  It’s split into two sections because it’s a long video.  Not so exciting to watch me read a chapter book, but hopefully you want to see how the book ends.  When you finish listening, email us and tell us what you think.  Did you like the book?  Why or why not?  What do you think about all of those twists at the end?  What would you do if you were Call?  I highly recommend the second book, too!

Part One:

Part Two:

Secondly, I was pulling weeds out of my garden yesterday and saw three different kinds of caterpillars and one something else (along with two spiders and a ladybug) in just one square foot of my garden.  Here are pictures of them.  See if you can use online tools to figure out what they are and what they turn into.  There are lots of them available.  

Also, go outside (with permission from your parents) and see what kinds of critters you can find.  Be sure to look under plants and leaves because I wouldn’t have seen anything that I saw if I hadn’t looked under the plants.  How many things can you find?

If you have access to an empty spot of dirt, try putting down a board or piece of cardboard or anything that can be used to cover up the dirt.  Leave it there for awhile and lift it up every day or so and see what has come to live under it.  Be sure to lift it so that the opening is away from you, in case anything comes flying out!  That’s called a cover board and scientists who study bugs love them!

We miss you guys!  Stay turned for more messages and videos!

Ms. Denise

Expiration Date: 
Jul 31