Language Arts Continuity of Learning Plan

Dear Indigo Families,

    Thank you very much for your patience while I share more details about the Language Arts Continuity of Learning Plan for your child.  I was on bereavement leave when all this happened and tried to have Ms. Messaye share with you the basics of what I thought could get you started until I was able to follow-up in more details.  We are fortunate to have many of these online curriculum components in place already for your child so the hope is that much of what they will be doing will be familiar, which I believe right now will be of great help.   I like the programs we are using as it still allows me to differentiate instruction at their level, monitor their progress, and check in with you if you feel more support is needed. 

     I am also eagerly looking for ways to continue to build on what is already in place and of course bring in a few surprises.  We will journey through the upcoming weeks together and hopefully working out the hiccups together(which I am sure they are to come.).  Right now, just want to make sure everyone has access to the programs, has the opportunity to work on what is familiar,  can work on creating a just right work space for your child, and preparing yourselves as a family for what is to come. 

     Below is a more detailed explanation of what I would like for your child to work on at home this week.  I will continue to give you updates as needed and each week provide a weekly plan for your child.

Here is the plan for this week’s activities I would like for you to work on with your child:

Movement and Mindfulness

A great way to start the day to get them moving before they go into their learning time for the day.  Also a great way to get indoor exercise on rainy days and brain breaks when you feel that your child needs it or you just want to schedule it in.

This is a great way to get your child focused for the day.  We have used this website/app in class at the beginning of a learning block as they have guided mindfulness just for kids.  You can also use gonoodle for those quiet times and I have used headspace as well, just haven’t used it in class yet.



Reader’s Workshop

*Lexia Core 5 Then scroll down to Lexia Core 5.


Student’s will have the opportunity to work on their reading skills.  I will be checking in on their progress on Wednesdays and Fridays.  Students will be expected to complete 30 minutes each session, for a total of 90 minutes a week.  We have seen significant gains for the students that have been working on this program since the Fall and it gives me the opportunity to check their progress. They work at their just right level as it is tailored to fit your child’s level.


This is an online reading program that will allow your child to read books at their just right reading level and gives me the opportunity to monitor their comprehension.  I have assigned each student a group of books that are at their just right reading level.  The expectation is that they will choose one story for each session.  They will listen to it, read it, then answer the questions. For the log in, they will need to enter the teacher’s user name. If their roll call number is 1-24, they should enter indigocluster as the teacher username.  If their roll number is 25-48, they should enter indigocluster2.  They will then find their name, click on it, and enter their password. They should then click on the reading area, then click on “Level Up” to read the books for their just right level.  Be careful as this program also has a fun activity they like to do.  Please make sure they complete at least one story first, before they have this free time.


Word Study

These are the words with Spelling Patterns I would like for them to have mastered based on a diagnostic test that was analyzed to show their appropriate placement.  Typically we get our new words of the week on Monday during the first block, get a mini lesson, and then are given the packets.   This week, students will complete any current packets they currently have with them that were not yet completed.  They are all assigned Word Study Groups and have different packets.  If they forgot to take their Word Study packets home this week, or they already completed them and turned them in, no worries.  I will begin assigning their next set of words on Spelling City next week.  They can work on Fry Words instead.  You will also have the opportunity to work on paper and pencil activities as well as Spelling City also gives the option to print some of the activities out if you would like the option.


Fry Packets

These are actually packets using the word list that I gave you during Back to School Night and Fall Conferences.  They are the most commonly used words in reading and writing and don’t always follow the rules.  Your child should have the packets that they took home on Friday and maybe even the one after that.  That is what they will be working on during this time.  They can also complete any Spelling City assignments that have not been completed.  If they know their list, they can also find the words in the word list and do one of the following activities for each Fry Word work time.  I will give more details about how to work on Fry Words next week when I send next week’s Language Arts plan.

*Spelling City (You can play extra games using the word list)


*Sailboat Style (Your child can explain how to do each word but it looks like this….)






Then you would put a triangle around it all to make it look like a sailboat.

*Beat the Clock(how many times can a word be written in a minute)

*Write sentences using at least 2 of the words in a sentence


Writer’s Workshop

You can either use the writing paper handed out, our use a writing journal.  It would be great if you had a journal for them to decorate with things they love, that are important and meaningful to them.  They can cut out pics, draw pics, you can print pics etc.  They can then keep writing in that same journal when we return to school.  Any writing activity they do, should be writing at least a page(but some prompts will be shorter). They can use the next page to create an illustration to go along with it.

Language Arts at Home Week 1 March 16, 2020-March 20, 2020

Monday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Reader's Workshop Lexia KidsA-Z Lexia KidsA-Z Lexia
Word Study Complete Packets   Complete Packets  



Fry Packets   Complete Packets  




Writer's Workshop Write about something you did over the weekend. Write a story about the time a green leprechaun arrived at your door and you got to hang out with him for the day.  Write a summary about what you read today in Lemonade War. What have you learned about integrity? Write a story about a time you showed integrity.
Scholastic News     Read and answer questions  

Read and answer questions.

I will send the answer key today.



In addition to the above activities, please have your child read for at least 20 minutes daily at any time after school hours.



Supplies at Home

If you have it, some supplies that might be helpful that you would want to keep in one place (your teacher station)are index cards(to make flash cards), a writing journal like a marble composition book(like their Wonder and Exploration Journal, or a spiral bound, or whatever you have), blank paper(they might want to write some great stories that you can staple and to turn into books), pencils, a pen, crayons or colored pencils.  Not mandatory, but helpful if they have it on hand.  Anything you don’t have, please do not make a special trip to the store… way! Don’t do that!  For example….their writing journals can be done on the computer.  We started doing that in class and it will give them a chance to practice typing (And might even take longer to pass the time!).  I was just going to have them go to the familiar, but depending on how long we are home, we will be doing that as well.  Believe me, we can make do with what you have at home. 


Expiration Date: 
Jun 30