At-Home Learning Day 3

Hello Red Cluster Families,

We hope you had a fun-filled St. Patrick’s Day yesterday! It brought so much joy to our hearts to see our students' smiling faces on Padlet. We noticed many of our students wrote supportive and loving comments for each other as well! This is a true testament to the beautiful community we have in Red Cluster and at Open School. 

We know that there is news circulating daily and that many of you are feeling worried and uncertain. Please know that while we are feeling similar feelings, your child’s education is our first priority. We will continue to keep you informed and will be here to provide any help and support you may need. Thank you so much for your well wishes, positive feedback, and love, as we get accustomed to this new platform and approach to learning.

Here are some suggestions for today that we hope you find helpful.

For reading today, your child can listen to Open School teachers read The Lemonade War. Click the link below to access.


For a brain break and to get your child moving throughout the day, click the link below to watch Yoga with Adrienne, a yoga video geared towards children.


You an also teach your child a “Take 5” exercise suggested by our very own Pavla Tarango!

     Have your child sit cross-legged (or "Criss Cross Yoga Sauce!") in the middle of the floor and have him/her quietly observe 5 things:

  •         They can keep their eyes open and observe 5 things they see.
  •         They can close their eyes and observe 5 things they hear or smell or feel (the feel of the floor, the feel of their clothes, the feel of their hair, the feel of the warm or cold air, etc.)

     When they have their list in their heads, they can open their eyes and share their 5 things with you.

Lastly, Wednesdays are usually our music days with Ms. Jo. Below you will find a list of songs she has taught our students so far. Find them online, on iTunes or on YouTube for your child to sing along to today. :)

1. Tender Shepherd - from the musical Peter Pan
2. This Land is Your Land 
3. The 54th Street Bridge Song (Feelin’ Groovy) - Simon and Garfunkel
4. If I Had a Hammer 
5. Oh, What a Beautiful Morning - from the musical Oklahoma
6. Do-Re-Mi - from the musical The Sound of Music
7. Yellow Submarine - The Beatles

Please tell your children we miss them and will see them soon!

In partnership,

Joey and Stacy  

Expiration Date: 
Jun 10