Things to do - March 18, 2020

Hi everyone!

Here are a few other things you can do / watch today or in the future.

Dav Pilkey sent us this beginning of a Cat Kid comic and challenged everyone to create a comic to finish the story.  I’m expanding that challenge - since it seems like we’ve been dropped into the middle of  a story, I’m challenging you to write and draw both parts of the story - what happened before this and what happens after?  

You can do this on whatever kind of paper you want, but here’s a link to a set of 12 different kinds of comic layouts that you can also use, if you want.  (Be sure to only print the pages you want to use - no need to waste paper!)

comic pages

We would love to see what you come up with, so please share them via email!

If you want some drawing inspiration, Mo Willems is doing Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems videos.  You can find them here or on YouTube (though we’ve read they are so popular, there may be difficulties accessing them).  Luke sent us an incredible dragon he drew after he was inspired by one of these videos, so we hope to see your drawings, too!

Also, here’s a video of Ms. Denise reading Redcoats and Petticoats, a Revolutionary War spy story based on real people and real events.

After you watch it, see if you can find where in the Object Parade script I was inspired by this book.  :)  

Also, if you want to do another fun activity, come up with your own secret way of communicating with other people.  First, think about your audience and what kind of system would fit best.  Are they neighbors or other people walking by your house?  Then a visual code like the one in the book might work best.  Are they people you are sending things to via email or letter?  Then some kind of code would be better.  Or it could still be a visual one, but done via pictures.

Create your system and then share it with us or other kids in Yellow.  See if you can send some messages back and forth!

We also encourage you all to keep a journal.  Some day you might want to look back on this time and have a record of what you did and how you felt and what was going on in the world around you.  This is a historic event we are all experiencing, one that someday people will read about in history books (and maybe even have picture books made out of....)

Ms. Denise and Ms. Lauren


Expiration Date: 
Jul 31