Supporting One Another: Remote Learning for 3/19/2020

Hello Open School Families,

Thank you so much for all of the positive feedback. So many families have found ways to let us know their family's particular experiences, both joys and trials with this two-week time away from school. No matter the experience, we have a strong partnership, patience and gratitude to get us through. 

Obviously, we are all glued to the news and interested in how this whole pandemic and altered daily routine will unfold. Only time will tell. As for now, we are committed to our initial plan of sending two weeks worth of work home for our students, with a combination of paper packets and online learning. With our commitment to supporting families with learning-at-home, we will communicate through regular emails and other forms of communication. 

For now, this is our plan. However, our plan is flexible and fluid, as is life during this pandemic. Should the need arise for a plan that extends longer than two weeks, we will share with you our school-wide roll out of any new additions to what we are currently doing. We thank you immensely for standing in our place during this crisis and we do not take your efforts for granted. 

Grab and Go Food Sites are at the following ESC West Locations from 7am-10am daily:

Audubon MS
Bernstein HS
Bret Harte Prep MS
Cochran MS
Dorsey HS
Fairfax HS
Marina Del Rey MS
Muir MS
Palms MS
University MS
Washington Prep HS

Here are a few extra-curricular ideas for Thursday, March 19, 2020:

Music-at-Home by Mr. Cline:
Mr. Cline has been working to create and compile some very exciting resources for continued music learning in the home.Right now, the best way to tap into resources already available is to visit his website:
Feel free to browse the site and find some fun musical inspiration (such as recordings and videos), music exercises for practice, how-to's and recommendations for getting better set up for music learning at home, and more.
In particular, you will see pages on how to continue two of the main music activities students have begun in the classroom this year: Music Karate (3rd-5th grades) and One Pitch at a Time (K-2nd grades). 

He is also in the process of compiling one single resource page with at-home music learning resources for all Open School students. You are encouraged to bookmark this link and check back daily for more engaging resources.

Garden Activities by Mismak:

Click here for some fun indoor garden activities. You might even want to do them outside. Happy Gardening!

In partnership,


Expiration Date: 
Apr 30